Monday, October 22, 2012


Hope everyone is doing well.  Our weekend was pretty good.
On Friday night my band, Mono Ensemble, played a show at The Carousel Lounge.  Some friends and family were kind enough to come out.  I was told that we were too loud, but that's just how we rock, and other from that, people seemed to enjoy the show.  I think the guys in the band were mostly happy with the gig as well (maybe a few bumps and hiccups here and there, but, as when flying airplanes, any landing that you can walk away from is a good one).  We enjoy playing music any time we get the chance (we all enjoy just getting together to practice- if we didn't we would never have lasted this long), but it's always special to get an opportunity to do our thing for other people.  We're truly thankful to everyone who came out to share their Friday evening with us!

(those who were brave enough to visit The Carousel
on Friday were treated to this spectacle)
On Saturday we got breakfast and ran some errands.  I went for a bike ride, and Amy went to the gym.  Somewhere on my ride, I realized that my bike and I were hitting a little milestone together.

(huffin' and puffin' my way to 500)
During my ride Saturday (I rode a little over 14 miles), I crossed through my 500th mile.  Well, actually it was my 500th mile since I got my bike computer, but I put the 'puter on my bike not too long after I started riding.  Anyway, in terms of my "official" mileage, my odometer now shows over 500 miles travelled on my Revel.  The usual caveats apply (many road bikers would have passed this number much more quickly, I'm sure), but this was still sort of a cool moment for me, personally. This time last year I didn't even own a bike.  Anyway, I was sort of tired on Saturday, but it was still a nice ride.  I rode from my house up to the capitol, and then down Congress back to my house.  Happy 500, Revel!
Saturday night Amy and I went over to watch the UT-Baylor game with our friends Jaci and Josh.  We like Jaci and Josh a lot.  They're moving to Washington, D.C., soon, and we wish them the best, but it's a real drag for Amy and I.  We like hanging out with them.  It was really a nice evening, and we had a lot of fun watching the football game, eating pumpkin pie, and watching our two dogs wrestle (they have a big ol' labradoodle puppy named Clementine who loves to play with Cassidy). 
It was nice to see UT win the football game, too, although it was hard to draw many conclusions from the game in terms of whether Texas is improving.  Our offense put up 56 points, but we were playing against a team with virtually no defense.  Also, our defense gave up 50 points, so it's hard to say that we've been making any great strides in that department. 
Oh, well.  A win's a win, I suppose, and it was really fun to hang out with Jaci and Josh.

On Sunday Amy made breakfast (woo hoo!), and then we went for a hike/nature walk. Amy likes hiking sorts of things, and I like walks/hikes so long as they're not very hard.  This was a good one. We walked along what I believe is the Bull Creek trail, starting somewhere near Lakewood Drive (I might be wrong about the street) and walking to Spicewood Springs Drive. It was a pleasant time. We got turned around a few times on our 4 mile long nature adventure (Lewis and Clark we are not), but we had a good walk. One of the really interesting and cool things about Austin is the fact that you can find places close to the city that still give you a sense of being out in nature. It's really cool to be able to just take a few hours out of your day and still get the feeling that you've gotten out of the city for a while.   

(Excited to be out in some nature, Amy walked this way
for the first 2 miles of the hike)

(Amy claims this land in the name of Queen Amy
and Amyrdinia) 
One of the curious things about this hike was a fire hydrant that's sort of out in the middle of nowhere in the creek (it just feels out of place given the setting).  I had asked Amy to stop so I could get a picture, and suddenly a pretty big deer came charging up out of the creek and went running right past Amy.  It sort of stopped and took a look at us for half a second and then went running up the trail.  I was too surprised and slow to get a shot of it, but it was a cool moment.
After the nature walk we headed home and mostly took it easy.  We ran to the storeat some point.  There was some reading and guitar playing.  Amy made a really good dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with some roasted brussel sprouts.  Afterward we watched a movie.
It was a nice weekend!
I hope everyone else had a good couple of days.
Enjoy your fall!
Winter is coming....


Jean said...

"If you miss the train I'm on, you will know that I am gone. You can hear the whistle blow -- 500 hundred miles!"

Congratulations on reaching this milestone.


J.S. said...

Thanks, Jean! It ain't much, but it's mine! :-)