Monday, October 29, 2012


Hey!  Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
My week last week and my weekend were good.
Last Wednesday night I joined Ryan and Jamie for a Turner Calssic Movies double feature of Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein at the Southpark Meadows theater.  I had a really fun time.  Those are really fun movies.  They've obviously been copied, parodied, and revisited in numerous forms for many, many years, but they're still really good.  Frankenstein, in particular, is still a pretty creepy movie.  It's incredibly atmospheric, and you just can't beat Colin Clive's performance of a scientist driven to the point of madness by his own ambition.  Of course, famously, the Frankenstein movies have remained not only classic creature features but also classic films because of the the combination of not only horror that the audience feels for the monster, but sympathy for him as well as he struggles to understand and navigate the unjust world in which he finds himself.  My brother wrote a pretty good review of the two films on his blog, although he incorrectly identifies Bride as the superior film (the suspense leading up to the initial appearance of the monster, the absence of comic relief, and Clive's performance as the unhinged doctor create a greater sense of menace in the first movie.  Plus, the plot makes more sense.)  Anyway, fun trip to the movies on Wednesday.

On Friday my office hosted an office to office trick or treating event for the children of Travis County employees.  This thing has gotten bigger and bigger each year.  Now our office space basically looks like a haunted house- covered with decorations and people in costume in whatnot- by Friday afternoon.  We even had spooky music and sound effects.  I also got more trick or treaters at my office than I've had at my house some years.
(here are some of my officemates. scarfing down some
snacks before the kids show up)

After the trick or treating, Amy and I joined her friend Allison, from work, and Allison's boyfriend, Michael, to celebrate their birthdays at the Draught House.  We had a nice time!  We met some of their friends and had some good beer.  I ran into Bill, a friend from the office, as well.
We went home and watched an episode of Downton Abbey, but I think we might be done with that show.  It's just not our thing (and no- I wasn't the surly boyfriend who talked Amy into giving it up.  She was the first one to suggest that maybe we should move on to something else.)
On Saturday Amy made breakfast and we did a few chores and watched some of the UT game.  I also went for a bike ride.  In the evening I jumped on a bus and rode across town to go back to the Draught House to meet some friends at the bar's birthday party celebration (kinda weird- hadn't been there for years, and then twice in two days).  Amy wasn't feeling totally great, so she stayed home.  But it was fun!  I had a good time hanging out with Jaci and Josh and meeting their friends, Aaron and Haley.  Jaci and Josh are moving to Washington, D.C., next month, and Amy and I are both going to miss them a lot. 

(this is the sort of horrifying apparition that can appear to you
after drinking strong beers at the Draught House.
Especially when Amy's nowhere around to protect you.)
The Draught House had some good specialty beers on tap (they did tastings), and it was a pleasant evening.  It also turned out to be remarkably easy to ride the bus there from my house.  I would definitely do that again any time I didn't feel like taking my car.  I've started to realize that the bus stop two blocks away from my place is one of the central hubs that goes to almost anywhere in town. 
On Sunday we got up and ate breakfast tacos.  We went to the grocery store, but then we both started feeling a little allergy-ish.  I went and got a haircut, but then we just sort of crashed.  We ate dinner and watched Boardwalk Empire.  There was some reading.  It was a quiet Sunday, but a nice, relaxing one, and I think we both needed the rest.
So that was pretty much it!  Hope everyone is having a nice Halloween week and enjoying themselves!
Have fun!
Be safe!



The League said...

What? No. I can't be wrong. Bride is clearly the superior film.

J.S. said...

Because I am the older brother, my preferences are always the correct ones.

The League said...

I'm pretty sure THAT isn't right.

J.S. said...

Your confusion about this truth must have caused you so much pain and frustration over the years!