Monday, August 20, 2012


Well, I really have very little to report, but I thought I would just check in.  Amy is still out of town visiting her family in Arizona.  I miss her.
The weekend was mostly pretty low key.  I rode my bike quite a bit.  I rode over 26 miles on Saturday, and over 9 miles on Sunday.  That's really not much to brag about (more experienced riders, particularly those on road bikes, regularly ride 50 or more miles when they schedule a ride), but for me it's pretty good.  Also, when you're riding 20+ miles in the city, you just see a lot of interesting stuff.  It's kind of fun to see your neighbors out and about doing their thing on a Saturday morning.
Saturday night my parents got back a little early from a short trip to Houston.  I went out to dinner at Chuy's with my parents and Ryan and Jamie.  We had a good time.
On Sunday I had band practice with Mono Ensemble.  Everyone made it, and we sounded pretty good.  We've got a new song or two in the works, so that's always a good thing.
We have a show scheduled for Friday, October 19th, at the Carousel Lounge at 9:00.  Hope to see everyone out there for that!

Well, that's about it.
Hope everyone has a good week!


Jean said...


J.S. said...

Yeah! I'll have to try not to go for a while so we can keep it open as an option when you come to town!

Jean said...

An option? It's kindof a requirement. ;-)

Can you tell I'm writing this on an empty stomach?