Monday, August 13, 2012

The Weekend

Well, Amy's out of town and visiting her family in Phoenix, so I was on my own this weekend.
It's weird having her gone.  I was single for a long, long time, but now Cassidy and I are definitely thrown off our game when Amy leaves town.  I miss you, Amy!
Friday night I didn't do too much of anything.  I went for a ride on my bike, and managed to really mess up the shifters.  I watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  It turned out to be a pretty good flick.  People did some bad things to chimps in that movie.  That whole ape takeover?  Turns out we had it coming.
On Saturday I got up and worked out and took my bike in to the bike shop for a tune up.  Turns out I had not only gotten a kink in a shifter cable by snagging it on something, but my cables had already corroded quite a bit, mostly from my sweat after riding around in 90 and 100 degree temperatures.  Oh well.  Not a major repair, but my bike is in the shop for a few days.
Saturday I met up with my parents and Ryan for lunch.  Ryan's mother-in-law, Judy, is in the hospital because she had problems with a blood clot in her brain, so, to say the least, things have been very tense at Ryan and Jamie's place as Jamie's mother has gone through surgery and begun a slow recovery process.  Our thoughts have definitely been with them.  It was good to see Ryan, and hopefully it was good for him to get away for a little while.
Saturday night I went over to my parents house.  We ended up going to see The Bourne Legacy.  It was pretty cool.  Almost exactly what you would expect to see in a Bourne flick, except with Jeremy Renner in the new super agent role.  My only real complaint about the film was that it definitely felt like it was just meant to be the first chapter in a new set of movies, almost to the point where it barely felt like a stand alone film (the conflict in the movie never really came to a very satisfactory conclusion of any kind).  Also, one or two of the action scenes pressed the bounds of plausibility in a way that I think the first Bourne movie, at least, might have tried a little harder to avoid.  Spy movies often push the bounds of reality, but one of the sort of cool things about the first Bourne movie was the fact that it left you believing that a really, really smart, physically fit guy might actually be able to pull off most of the stuff that you saw in the film.
Anyway, Bourne Legacy was an entertaining ride.  If you like that sort of thing, check it out.
Sunday I rode my old bike (my slightly undersized cruiser) to the store and then up to Garrison Park's pool.  I actually swam some laps (turns out that sort of thing will make your shoulder sore if you haven't done it in a while) and just hung out.  Water, sun, and music on my iPod.  Sunday afternoon/evening I had band practice.  All five of us showed up, and we sounded pretty good.  Maybe we'll try to schedule another gig sometime soon.  Took Cassidy for a walk.
And that's been it.
I miss Amy.  It'll be good to have her back on Friday.
Still thinking about Judy and the McBrides and Ryan as Judy begins her recovery from surgery.
I hope everyone's week is off to a good start!



The League said...

Thanks for the support, man! Much appreciated.

How was Joan Allen in the new Bourne movie? I heart me some Joan Allen.

J.S. said...

Joan Allen was barely in the new Bourne movie. She appears in really only a couple of scenes that are only a few seconds long. She pops up only in reference to a tangential but ongoing storyline where she's preparing to testify at some hearings before Congress. Unless those scenes were completely superfluous, I figure her to feature much more prominently in one of the next all but inevitable installments.

The League said...

This does not sell me on the movie.

J.S. said...

Well, I had to tell you. I kept picturing a confused and tearful Ryan, your lower lip trembling as you muttered "Where's Joan?" over and over on your way out of the theater.