Monday, July 16, 2012

The Weekend, Savages

Well, the weekend was pretty good.  Amy is pretty deep in her bar exam preparation, so it wasn't super summer fun awesomeness (I just feel a little bad for her because she's trapped in the studying), but it was a pretty nice weekend.
Friday night I went for a bike ride.  It had just stopped raining, and the sun was coming out, and I took a nice trip down to South Congress to watch the happy Austinites shop and eat at the food trailers.  I rode home and took a shower, and picked up Amy and we ended up going for a nice little impromptu dinner date at Enoteca.  We sat on the patio, had a couple of drinks, ate some pizza, and watched people go by.  It was a very nice evening.
(Amy says I have to wear my helmet.  Says
it protects my melon*)
Saturday I spent a lot of time biking.  I rode downtown to my office building (just to see if I could do it and how long it would take), rode around downtown a little bit, and then rode back up South Congress to get home.  After I got home, I grabbed a backpack with a bathing suit and a towel, rode over to Academy on Brodie (there was a whole debacle involving a bike computer that didn't work), and then rode over to Garrison Park to go to the pool.
When I got home I went to the store with Amy.
We had chicken tacos for dinner, and they were bueno.
Sunday I rode over to Target to pick up some cleaning stuff (and highlighters- the Amy bar exam study method seems to involve lots of different colored highlighters). 
We took Cassidy for a walk.
In the early afternoon I rode over to the movie theater and went to see the new Oliver Stone movie, Savages

Savages was a movie that I can see a lot of people really disliking.  In short, it's about a couple of super cool California dudes who run a marijuana grow operation and have a sort of idyllic life (sharing a house on the beach and a mutual girlfriend) until a Mexican cartel shows up and messes things up for them.  The movie involves a lot of attractive people, a bunch of scary violence, beautiful scenery, and full bore glamorization of marijuana trafficking (albeit with the obligatory cautionary tale that drives the plotline). 
There was a lot to be turned off by in Savages.  On its face it seemed like a movie that might have been dreamt up by some sort of stoned, highly testosteroned twenty year old pothead while he was laying on a beach somewhere with his buddies (yes, I know it was actually based on a book written by a guy who was not in his twenties).
On the other hand, the movie wasn't made by a young kid.  It was made by Oliver Stone, a director in his mid sixties whose previous films include things like Platoon, JFK, and Natural Born Killers.  It felt to me, strangely enough, that this violent but beautiful movie was just Stone's attempt at making a modern day, outlaw-hero buddy movie.  Sure, the movie has a lot of violence, but in Stone's world I'm not sure that necessarily meant to translate into gravitas.
There's a not-so-subtle moment in the movie when one of the characters compares the two leads (Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson) to Redford and Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and I think that's exactly the sort of thing that Stone was going for when he made this movie.  Stone's view of the modern world being a sort of dark, cynical one, I think that Savages is just his version of an adventurous, latter day romp.  Of course, this is all happening Stone style, and one man's amusement park is another man's horror show.
Anyway, I didn't love Savages, but I didn't hate it either.  The movie looked good, and it had a few memorable scenes.  It just felt like it was never really meant to appeal to people on a very intellectual level in the first place, so I found myself trying not to think about it too hard.  I guess I found it sort of mildly amusing.  It didn't really have a whole lot in it that we haven't seen before (for some reason I kept thinking of old Miami Vice episodes), but it was fairly well made and sort of entertaining so long as you didn't take it too seriously.

So that was Savages.
After the movie I rode around a bit on another errand or two.  Then I headed home and loaded up my stuff for band practice.
Band practice was at Reed's house (on account of our house having become a no rock zone during bar exam test prep).  Jim was out, so I played bass, which resulted in us playing some of our older material.  That was a good thing because some of those songs really needed some rehearsal.  We used to practice at Reed's house pretty regularly way back before I ever even moved into my house (in 2003) and back before Reed and Jen had children, so it was kind of weird to be playing some of our old songs in our old practice room.  The room and the experience felt very familiar, which was strange given how much had changed outside that room (several of the guys in the band have kids, I'm engaged, and numerous people have come in and out of all of our lives).  Time ebbs and flows in strange, strange ways. 
Anyway, Sloane and Meredith both seemed a little intrigued by the band.  It would be cool if one or both of them picked up an instrument.  Cross generational jamming.  Or at least a South Austin family jamboree.

Anyway, last night after practice we ate salmon burgers, and we watched part of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. 

That was pretty much the weekend.  It was pretty nice.
Hope you guys are starting off your week on the good foot!

*addendum:  Amy probably never actually used the word melon.  She told me this last night and said that sometimes I hear things differently in my head than how they actually play out in real life.  I'm still pondering the implications of this claim....


Jean said...

If you're hearing voices in your head, I know someone you should talk to!

J.S. said...

It would be a lot of work for him. I couldn't afford the fees!