Monday, July 09, 2012

July 4th and the Weekend

(Cassidy gives a patriotic 4th of July greeting to our neighbors)
So this past week we got not only a weekend, but an extra, mid-week, 4th of July holiday as well.
On the 4th I did some bike riding, and Amy did some studying.
It was a nice holiday.  In the evening Amy and I went over to Ryan and Jamie's place for a while, ate a few chicken sausages and potato salad, and watched some neighborhood fireworks.  It was nice to hang out.  Amy made some chocolate chip cookies, and they were very good.
I took Friday off work (I had an extra vacation day to burn).  My mom and dad are in Alaska, but they had offered us their house in case we needed to get away so we headed out there once we both had a chance to exercise and throw our stuff in a bag. 
Our weekend out in Steiner Ranch was nice.  It gave us a change of scenery, and it felt like a mini vacation.  Amy did some studying, and I cycled around Steiner Ranch.  As it turns out, riding up and down hills on a bike can really tire you out. 
The weather was nice, and we spent a lot of our time outside.  Mom and Dad have a world class porch.  We went to the pool for a bit on Saturday afternoon, ate some watermelon, and grilled some chicken burgers and squash.  It was a nice little getaway.
Yesterday we got back.  We had some breakfast tacos at Torchy's, and I rode over for a short visit with Ryan and Jamie.  Last night Amy made some really good tortas with black beans, turkey chorizo, avocado, and cheese.  Yum!
In the evening we watched a bit of Season 2 of Treme.  I like that show, but it can be a wee bit depressing.  Still, you've gotta love the music, and- depsite all of it's problems- you have to love the city.  I guess that's part of the message of the show.  The writers really show how people in New Orleans have been put through the ringer, but they've hung in there because of their love for the city and its culture.  Watching Treme, I've wondered a number of times whether Austinites would stand by their city following a similar disaster.  Growing as fast as the city is, I hope that the people who are moving here will continue to preserve and expand upon the culture of Austin.  It's nice to have people move here for jobs, but it's important that they invest themselves in the community once they're here.
Anyway, New Orleans has definitely had its share of problems, but people remain committed to it.  They don't just live there by way of convenience.  I think that says something about what has been built over time in that town.
Annnyway, that was the weekend.  Three days, and it was relaxing, but it passed in a slow motion blur.  I was sad when it was over.
Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying your summer.  I'm definitely enjoying mine.

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