Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Weekend

The weekend was pretty good, all things considered.  Amy has the bar exam this week, so the weekend was mostly devoid of scheduled activity while she studied for it.  On Friday night I went to a happy hour with some of the folks who work on the mental health docket with me.  After I got home, Amy and I went to Chuy's for dinner.
On Saturday I went for a pretty long bike ride in the morning.  In the afternoon I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man with my dad.  It was an entertaining popcorn flick.  I'm still not sure they needed to make another Spider-Man movie, given the fact that it's only been ten years since we got his origin story the first time in a different movie, but at least they didn't totally botch the thing.  I still prefer Tobey Maguire's nerdier but less angsty Peter Parker to Andrew Garfield's new take on the character, but that's probably largely just a matter of taste.  Garfield did a decent job.
Anyway, the new Spider-Man movie had a few cheesy moments, but on the whole, it was pretty good.  Most importantly, perhaps, it didn't have the crowds and the hassle involved with trying to see the new Batman flick on its opening weekend (we were able to actually just walk up to the window and buy tickets.  Imagine!).  Anyway, fun time with Dad, popcorn, and action movie.  Kind of a classic Saturday afternoon.
Sunday I went for another bike ride, and then I went to the pool for a while.  The pool at Garrison Park isn't as unique as Barton Springs, and I guess I've been spoiled by swimming in cold springwater for years now instead of pools with chlorine, but that being said, I enjoy hanging out there.  It's just a big, old fashioned neighborhood pool, but it has trees and a nice, grassy lawn beside it, and the water feels good.  I can ride my bike there and back with no problem, which is also a big plus (I can ride my bike to Barton Springs, too, but it's a little further with a lot more hills).
Sunday evening we had band practice.  It was at Reed's house, and it was good.
After dinner I came home and grilled some chicken sausage and avocados.  We had sausage wraps and potato salad and grilled veggies.

That was about it.  Amy's taking the bar this week.  I'm trying to just send good vibes her way, and I'm trying to be supportive.  The bar exam is no fun, but she's been working hard to get ready for it, and I know she'll be just fine.  I love you, Amy!

That's it!  Hope all of you guys are doing okay.

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