Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Update

Just wanted to pop in and say hello.
The weekend was pretty good. Friday night I just kind of hung out and goofed off (watching TV or something?) while Amy studied for a Saturday test.
On Saturday I ran a bunch of errands. Amy took her test, and then afterward we made a celebratory run to Half Price Books followed by a nice dinner at El Meson on South Lamar.
I had never been to El Meson prior to about a month ago (the South Lamar location is relatively new), but I've really started to like it. I hope that it does some good business- although I have to admit that right now it's sort of nice to be able to walk into a good restaurant without having to wait for a table.
Sunday we got up and went to Barton Springs. It was really hot out, but the water felt great. We walked Cassidy, and then Amy went home to do some homework Mono Ensemble practiced at my house (for some reason Amy doesn't seem to think that studying goes very well when there's 120 decibel rock music involved). Band practice was pretty good. We played a version of Ted Nugent's Stranglehold, and that might not have even been the best song of the night.
After band practice, Amy came back over and we just sort of goofed off and read. I mercy watered the front lawn a little bit.
Annnyway, it was a nice weekend! Sorry it went by so fast...

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