Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The London Trip

The London trip was really good.
I'd been there in 2009 with Mom and Dad, so I was a little more familiar with my surroundings this time, but I think I enjoyed this trip every bit as much as the first one.

London is just a cool city. It might not rank up there as extremely exotic in terms of foreign travel destinations, but the history, tradition, culture, and overall energy level of the place just make it a really great city to visit. I've been there twice, and I could easily go back and
spend a great deal more time in London without ever coming close to running out of things to do (although, admittedly, I might run out of money first).
It was also really cool just to take a trip with Dad and Ryan. As I've said before, I really can't even remember a time when just the the three of us took a trip together. I really enjoyed hanging out with both of them, and they were both really good traveling companions. We didn't even have any good ol' Steans family arguments or debates, so we must have been enjoying ourselves...

Here's a pic of Ryan out in front of The Criterion Theater where we saw The 39 Steps. The Indian national team had just won the cricket world cup, and a group of Indian ex pats had gathered in Piccadilly Circus out in front of the theater to celebrate. It was a cool, unexpected moment. The crowd was a little rowdy, but friendly.

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