Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Spring Break this week in Austin, and I love it. I don't get any free time off or anything, but traffic seems much lighter, there are like half as many attorneys and defendants to deal with this week up at the courthouse, and today the sky is blue and the weather is beautiful. Every week should be like this.
No news to report. Last night I had dinner with Ryan and Jamie at Hill's Cafe. It was pretty good.
And the governor of the New York, Eliot Spitzer has been caught up in a prostitution sting. Bad, bad governor. I've talked to a couple of people about this, and mostly everyone just seems curious about what, exactly, it gets you to spend several thousand dollars on a hooker. Then again, I probably don't want to open that subject up for discussion (Wilson would have had a field day with that one).
Well, it's a slow day, but that's a good thing, I think.
Peace, ya'll.

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