Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well, today is looking to be pretty busy, as well. Here's a quick post, and maybe more later.

Jamie flew down to Houston yesterday to have an appointment with a doctor about possibly getting back on the kidney transplant list. She was back in time for dinner (which was fun- hadn't seen she and Roundball since last week), and it sounds like she stands a pretty good chance of getting put back on the list for a transplant. We'll see, I guess, but it sounded like her appointment went well. And we had a lovely Chinese dinner at Hunan. It's not the best Chinese restaurant in town, but the ladies who work there are really nice.

Other from going to dinner with Roundball and McSteans, last night I went to Target and picked up a new wireless router for my laptop. Once again Steanso has the ability to lay in bed all day and download wacky You Tube clips while eating bon bons. Everyone rejoice.
I also took Cassidy for a walk and exercised a wee bit.

That's it.
Oh yeah, since I didn't post about any news stories yesterday, let me take a moment to express my disgust for Michael Vick, who has allegedly been involved with dogfighting that has been held on his property. Anybody who's read this blog for any amount of time has probably figured out that I'm an animal lover, and the whole idea of dogfighting kind of makes me sick. I've had some experience with it in criminal court, as well, and the people engaged in it tend to be idiots driven by their own insecurities to try to prove their manhood by forcing dogs to fight each other to the death (usually while engaged in illegal gambling over the whole thing). Here's an idea, jackasses- if you want something to fight to the death, grab a hatchet and go at it yourselves. Forcing animals to suffer for your personal entertainment is stupid and, to be honest, demonstrates some kind of warped pathology that I don't really even want to think about. Michael Vick- you're an idiot (didn't you just get busted for trying to bring pot through an airport, as well?) and I hope they put you in jail.

Gotta run.


Anonymous said...

You sound a little angry. Maybe you should listen to some jazz.

J.S. said...

Yeah, torturing animals makes me angry. I don't think jazz will help. (unless it's angry jazz- maybe Live Evil by Miles Davis?)