Wednesday, July 04, 2007

There was an article on the front page (at least in the online version) of The Statesman today about the anniversary of the accident, and the slow pace at which Mary Dodgen's case is moving through the court system, mostly due to Dodgen's battle with pancreatic cancer. The article talks a little bit about the fact that Jajuan met with Mary Dodgen privately (i.e., the woman who killed Jeff and seriously injured the Blooms), and I hope that meeting gives Jajuan some peace, especially if Dodgen's illness prevents her from ever going to trial.

Anyway, yeah, the whole thing is incredibly frustrating and strange (it's very unusual to have a defendant in the criminal justice system with an illness serious enough to prevent her from going to trial on such a serious charge). I just wish there were a way to move things forward more quickly, but I have faith that the people in the Travis County justice system are doing their jobs to the best of their ability in order to move the case forward and see that justice is served.

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Anonymous said...

I too hope Jujaun has gotten some peace from the meeting. It's wonderful Jujuan expressed her memories and thoughts about Jeff.

About the article, I want to comment on the last statement wherein Jason Dodgen talks about his mother being in jail, should she survive, rather than with her family. I know their family is hurt too. I'm not trying to take away from that, however, his mother gave up her right to be out with her family when she drove drunk and hurt so many people, physically and emotionally.

I may have taken his statement the wrong way it was intended, but it struck a nerve.