Monday, September 16, 2019


Howdy! Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Ours was good!

Raylan, enjoying the ride to school on Friday
Friday evening we went out to dinner at Hyde Park Grill.  It went well.  The kids were good and happy and ate their food.  Amy had gotten some coupons for free small ice creams, so after dinner we walked over to Amy's to get some ice cream.

Ice cream trekkin'
On Saturday morning, Amy took kiddo to a foster mom support group meetup.  I took Raylan to run a few errands.  We went to Target and spent a long time wandering around in there.  Raylan looked at lots of toys, but kept saying, "I'm interested in this, but I don't have to have it."  We also had a fun time looking at Halloween decorations, and Raylan helped me pick out a few groceries.
In the end, we bought some groceries and stuff, and Raylan got a Jenga game.  He also got an Icee, which he liked at first, but then decided was "too sweet".  (it shocked me to hear these words coming out of his mouth)

Running errands with Dad
Later there was some playing in the back yard.

Raylan shows Kiddo how to load a dump truck
In the late afternoon, evening, we got cleaned up and headed to the Macaroni Grill in the Arboretum for a birthday dinner for Uncle Donald (his birthday was on September 11th)

Getting spiffed up for the birthday dinner

Amy, Kiddo, Ryan, dad, Uncle Donald, Mom, Jamie, Raylan,
and Susan at dinner

Our family with Uncle Donald
Dinner was nice.  It was fun to see everyone.  My mom brought a sugar free cake for Donald, and the kids got some cupcakes.

On Sunday we got up and I took the kids to Garrison Park.  They had fun running around and playing on the playground.

Raylan shows Kiddo important Garrison Park landmarks.  Like the
drain pipes.  and some tree stumps.
In the afternoon we all went to Home Depot.  We bought some sand for our sand table, and Raylan looked at the washers and dryers. 

Checkin' out the latest models
After Home Depot we got some frozen yogurt.

Kiddo makes sure that no froyo goes wasted

When we got home, the kids played a bit, and then I gave them baths before heading to band practice.

Band practice was good.  It was Frank, Reed, Jim, and me.

And that was the weekend.  We're off to South Padre this week.  Keep your fingers crossed for good weather for us!

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