Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Labor Day Weekend

Hi!  How are ya?

So we had a good Labor Day weekend!

On Friday, in the afternoon I went to a reception for Judge Denton.  He has been presiding over Vet Court since it was founded (10 years ago), and I've been working with him on the court since that time.  He is also going to be retiring as a judge so that he can run for the position of Travis County Attorney when my current boss, David Escamilla, retires at the end of 2020.
Judge Denton has done a really good job of presiding over Veterans Court.  He's an army veteran himself, and he has done a really good job of supervising the court, connecting with the veterans in the program, and making some difficult calls on cases where some of our guys were struggling.
I'll admit that, in the very beginning, I had a hard time seeing tough ol' Judge Denton as a treatment court judge (he usually presides over family violence cases), and I think that he had a bit of a learning curve in the beginning (we all definitely did), but he ended up doing a great job launching the court, presiding over it, and laying the foundation of what will hopefully be a successful program for many decades to come.  Sorry to see him go, but proud of his work.

Me, Judge Denton (who definitely isn't standing on
a step in this picture or anything), and Todd Dudley, the program's
first designated defense attorney.
Friday night I went out to a happy hour that was put on for the attorneys, judges, doctors, counselors, and staff people who work on the mental health courts in our county.  It was a lot of fun.  Mom and Dad took the kids overnight, so Amy didn't have to handle them alone.
I stayed out until the wee hours of the night (about 10:30), and then caught a rideshare home.

On Saturday we went out to my parents house.  Mom, Amy, and Jamie took the kids to the pool.
Dad, Ryan, and I stayed at the house this time.
It worked out pretty well.

Kiddo and Aunt Jamie playing something or other.
We ate lunch at Mom and Dad's house, the kids took naps, and then we went home.

Saturday night I ended up going to Ryan and Jamie's house for the first Longhorn game of the season.  We played Lousiana Tech, and we gave them a solid thumping.  It was basically a classic, season opening rout, but given the fact that we lost our season opener to Maryland the last two years, I hadn't been 100% sure that we'd easily win.  
Next week is LSU, though, and that will be... more challenging.  We looked pretty good, but sort of shaky at times.  I wish that LSU game wasn't so early.  It'd be nice to have a chance to work a few more of the kinks out, but, we'll see....
Thanks to Ryan and Jamie (and Scout) for having me over!

On Sunday we went out for breakfast at La Posada.
It had been a little wile.  It was good!

Back in the high life again
After breakfast we went to Deep Eddy for a swim.  We had to hit at least one city pool over Labor Day.  Felt necessary.
Kiddo did pretty well with the cold water.  Raylan loved it.  We had a good time.  Great way to cool off on a hot day.

Kiddo and Amy wade in

The agonizing wait of the once per hour 5 minute safety break
When we got home, there was a picnic lunch in the back yard.

Amy, Raylan, and Kiddo lunch it up in the yard.
Later, after naps, we walked to Joslin Park to play for a while.  It got a little cloudy and breezey, so it was only like a chilly 95 instead of the usual 101.

This wagon works fine, but we need a faster horse.

Sunday night I had band practice with Reed, Jim, and Frank.  I played my Danelectro 12 string, and we had a good time.  I thought we sounded pretty good.

On Monday, Labor Day, we went back out to Mom and Dad's.  We took the kids to the pool and ate pizza for lunch.  The kids both took pretty long naps before we drove home.

Kiddo suns herself on the steps while Mom and Dad play lifeguard.

Raylan does some swimming and splashing with Amy 
On Monday night, after dinner, the kids wrapped up Labor Day with a dance party with Amy.

Dance fever!

And that was our Labor Day weekend.  It was good.  Went by too fast.

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