Monday, September 09, 2019


Hi!  We had a good weekend, but it went by really fast.
I don't think that we did a lot on Friday night.
On Saturday my parents took the kids for the day and overnight.  They took them to church on Sunday.  Sounds like they had a good time.  They took the kids to the aquarium up on 183.  Raylan got to hold a parrot, and he was pretty excited about that.

Meanwhile, we ran some errands.
Selfie of me getting the tires changed on my car.
Which meant walking across the street to Radio and
having a beer while they changed the tires on my car.

In the evening we had Shelly and Kit and Spencer over to watch the UT-LSU game.  
It was a good game, even though UT lost.  We put up a strong fight.  Our secondary needs a little work, and we need to learn how to punch the ball in when we're in the red zone.  But, overall, we have some young players, and I was happy.
It was also really fun to hang out with Spencer, Kit, and Shelly.  Spencer played with us and had dinner, and then he got some sleep in Kiddo's bed (since she was staying with the grandparents).  He seems like he's really growing up fast!
Of course, it was good to see Shelly and Kit, too.

Spencer learns to play guitar.
We got the kids back on Sunday.  I'm not sure what we did on Sunday.  It just sort of drifted by...

Raylan tells Amy about all the cool stuff he did with Grandma and Papa
The weekend went by quickly.  I'm not even sure how we filled the time without the kiddos.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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