Monday, June 10, 2019


How's it going?  Things are going pretty well at our house.
Work was pretty busy for me last week, and then both kids got sick during the week- first Kiddo and then Raylan.  I was helping out a colleague at the DA's office with a felony trial last week, so the illnesses were sorta poorly timed, and Amy (who gets the gold parenting star) stayed home with each of them.
When Kiddo got sick during the first part of the week, it coincided with Amy's work from home day (she works from home one day a week).  Amy was pretty busy, in the middle of something work-related, when we got home (I left work and picked them both up from school), so I took the kids outside to pay with chalk on the sidewalk.

Dad, the good thing about my little sister getting sick is that I just get
a free half day off, and there's no way that I'm going to get sick, too, right?
Later in the week, Raylan got to spend the night and a day with his grandparents (he had fun), but then he got sick...

when you want to have summertime fun, but you
don't feel well enough to pull if off...

Anyway, we made it through the sick week.  Friday night we ate some pizza.

On Saturday we went out to Grandma and Papa's house out in Steiner.  We went to the pool.  Uncle Ryan and Aunt Jamie joined us.  Also, my friend, Ruben, joined us with his son, Diego.  Ruben's husband, Miguel, is out of town for 6 weeks doing a training in Charleston, so Ruben is doing some single parenting for a one and a half year old.  I figured he could use some family help with the parenting for the day. 
Anyway, we all went out to Steiner and went to the pool and ate turkey burgers out there.  The kids took naps after lunch, and the grownups got to talk a bit.

Our family with  Ruben and Diego at a Steiner kiddie pool

Packing up to leave after a whole lotta swimming

We had a really nice time out at Steiner Ranch.  It felt very summery.  Thanks, Mom and Dad, for having us!

Saturday night I think we all slept pretty hard.

On Sunday we got up and went out to breakfast.  We got groceries.  We worked out and then went to the Garrison Park pool for a while.  The temperatures hit 100 or higher on Sunday, so we sorta had to take the kids to the pool if we wanted to get them out of the house.  Raylan did a great job swimming, and Kiddo seems to be making a little progress as well.  She really seems to love the water.

Poolside snack service!

For dinner we grilled hot dogs and veggies.  Pretty tasty.

A strong storm blew through on Sunday night.  It was really dark out about an hour and a half before the sun set, and then the wind picked up and the rain came in driving sheets.  Lots of lightening and thunder.  The storm arrived right about the normal time that we put the kids to bed, but we let them stay up to watch the storm through the window. 

"Good thing there are no tornadoes, Dad."
"Well, there actually is a tornado watch."

And that was the weekend!  The storm dies down, the temperatures dropped by almost 20 degrees, and everyone fell asleep!

Hope you had a good weekend!

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