Monday, June 03, 2019


Hello!  Well, this weekend felt legit summery.  Sunny and creeping right up on hot.
Friday night Amy and I watched an episode of Russian Doll  on Netflix (Amy has already seen it.  It's an interesting show.)
Saturday morning we got up and took the kids out to my folks' house in Steiner Ranch.
My dad had surgery on Tuesday for a gastrointestinal issue, but the surgery seems to have gone well, and he seems to be successfully on the mend.
So we went out to their house, and took the kids to the pool.  Dad didn't get in the water.  Cause surgery.  We ran into another family that we had run into at the pool last weekend.  They have a little boy who is a couple of months older than Raylan.  Raylan and Grayson (sp?) and Kiddo had a fun time playing together.  For some reason, they decided that watering the plants near the pool with chlorinated pool water was a really fun activity.  We tried to stop them, but it didn't work.

Grayson gets instructions from Raylan on how to properly care
for plants with pool water
We hung out at the pool and at my parents' house for quite a while.  Grandma was nice enough to feed us lunch, and Kiddo took a nap there.  (Raylan "rested") 
After nap and a little more play time, we headed out.  It was nice to hang out with Grandma and Papa.
Afterward we went to the store to pick up a chair for Raylan's room.
Saturday night, after the kids were in bed, Amy and I watched Deadwood:  The Movie.  I really enjoyed it, and it sounded like Amy did, too.  We had really enjoyed the old Deadwood series.  There's a whole lot of violence, some sex, and an endless stream of artful profanity, but the show weaves things things into the story in a meaningful way.  The dialogue, both in spite of and sometimes because of the profanity, has an almost Shakespearean tilt to it that's unlike anything I've seen on any show before or sense.  The simple phrasing of the dialogue (not simple at all) often makes me smile or chuckle in a way that few other shows or movies can accomplish.  Apparently David Milch, the show's creator and chief writer, is now struggling with Alzheimer's, so it's not clear how much more writing he will be doing, but Deadwood will serve as a longstanding testament to the man's creative genius.

On Sunday I took Kiddo to TuneBugz in the morning.  Raylan helped Amy was her car.  Later I went to the gym.
In the afternoon we went to Garrison Park Pool.  It was really nice.  It felt very summery.

Once again, Raylan made a friend at the pool, and spent some time playing with him.

Raylan, Roman, and Kiddo enjoy the kiddie pool with Amy
We went home and cleaned up and went to La Posada for dinner.  Which was great.  We were all hungry from swimming, and it hit the spot.

Relaxing at La Posada with Mom
Before bed, Raylan and Kiddo build an "obstacle course" out
of sofa cushions and pillows
Did I mention that I also bought a new guitar?
I did not need a new guitar, but I wanted
a new guitar.  Amy got me a gift
certificate, soooo....
It's a Danelectro 12 string, and I hope we will be
happy together

And that was our weekend.

We had fun!

Thanks for having us again, Mom and Dad!

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