Monday, June 17, 2019

Father's Day

Hi!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

On Friday I worked in Court 4, the Domestic Violence Court.  The women on the left are the prosecution team from our office (including some friends of mine), and all of the men are defense attorneys.  Every once in a while I like to post something that shows a bit of my life at work.

Some fierce ladies in this picture.
Saturday we went back out to Steiner to spend some time swimming and hanging out with my folks.  We had a little bit of a mini Father's Day celebration.  We went to the pool, got some pizza, did some hanging out (the kids took naps), and then eventually went to Galaxy Cafe for dinner (with frozen yogurt afterward).  We really enjoy our weekends in Steiner with the family.
Kiddo once again tries to use the railing as a slide,
Amy waves, and Raylan seeks out some deeper water for daredevil
swim moves.
Dad's Day pool time

Mom tries to restrain Raylan as Raylan tries to sink Kiddo's lil' boat.
Amy manages to look cute while hiding behind a hat and sunglasses in the pool

Raylan teaches Kiddo the meaning of reckless driving

Papa explains something to Raylan at Galaxy Cafe.  I was too tired to pay
attention by this point.  It might have been about volcanoes or something.
Maybe light fixtures.  I remember something about light fixtures...
On Sunday, Father's Day, we got up and I got Father's Day presents from Amy and the kids (mostly Amy).  A set of cool beer coozies for my bike and a small little Buddhist statue that is pretty cool (I don't really know much about it, but the statue is cool).
We went out to breakfast Sunday morning at La Posada.

Father's Day with Raylan

Later we went to the gym and the kids played in the Kids' Club while we worked out for a little bit.

After the gym we went home and I watched the U.S. team play Chile in the Women's World Cup.  We won 3 to 0.  We have some really skilled players.  I feel like, as the years have gone by, that women's soccer has just gotten more and more impressive in terms of the skill level and the athleticism of the players.  I'm not sure how great all of the teams are across the board (I haven't been watching that many games in the tournament), but the U.S. women's team plays some really great soccer.

Amy played with the kids in our backyard pool while I watched the game.  Between Kids' Club and the pool, they must've been worn out because Raylan took a long, hard nap in the afternoon.

In the evening I got together with Frank and we played some music.  I think we sounded pretty good.  I played my new Danelectro 12 string for a few songs, so that was fun.

And that was Father's Day!  It was a good one!  

Have a great week!

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