Sunday, December 09, 2018


So, our weekend was pretty good.  We're sort of into the  Christmas swing of things.
On Friday it rained really hard here in Austin.  We had discussed going out to dinner, but we abandoned that plan on account of torrential downpours.
On Saturday we went out to breakfast in the morning.  We played with the kids and took turns working out.
Saturday afternoon we had a visit from Robert, Marina, Lowry, and Maribel.  Lowry has been in Raylan's class at his preschool for the last two years.  The kids had a play date with the moms supervising while Robert and I went out in the garage and worked on some Christmas songs to play for the preschool (Robert on drums, with me on guitar).  We all had a good time.
Afterwards we all went over to ABGB and had some pizza and a beer (well, the kids had water).

Kiddo tries to find a different angle of attack
on the Christmas tree

Amy and Marina wrangle Maribel, Lowry, and Kiddo.  Raylan is
nowhere to be seen.  Which is troublesome.
On Sunday we went to the annual Christmas Cookie Party hosted by Amy's former co-worker (now retired), Tony Grigsby.  A bunch of Amy's co-worker friends were there, and Raylan got to decorate some Christmas cookies.  He ad Kiddo also got to run around in the back yard with other kids.  We all had a good time.  Good food and good company.  It was nice to be invited.

"I think I can feel the cookies, Dad!"

Sunday night I went to band practice, but it ended up being just Reed and me.  So we played some songs from our side project band, Wastewood.  We had a good time, though, and I think we sounded pretty good.

And that was the weekend!
Things are going well.  I'm getting the ol' winter allergies, but things are going well.  ;-)

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