Monday, December 17, 2018


Hi!  Our weekend was pretty good.  A little chaotic, but pretty good.
During the week, my mom and dad took the kids one night, and Amy and I went to Cypress Grill for dinner.  It was sooooo nice.  Quiet, good food, a beer, and, most importantly, a chance to talk with Amy without anyone yelling at us or throwing food across the table!  Really nice evening.
On Friday night I had my office Christmas party.  It was fun.  It was at Dogwood on West 6th Street.  It was nice to get a chance to visit with people outside of the courthouse. 

On Saturday we went out to breakfast at Kerbey Lane.

The best thing about today is that we will have all day to play without
having to mess with home repairs, right, Dad?!

The family at breakfast.  You can't see Kiddo's face, but rest assured that she
is excited about food.  She's often excited about food.
Afterward we went downtown and picked up my car (I left it down at my office and Ubered home because I knew I would have a few drinks at the party).
Then Amy went to the gym, and I drove the kids home, and our garage door broke.

I ended up spending a good chunk of Saturday getting the door fixed.  The track for the door had actually somehow splintered the wood that it was mounted into.  The fact that it required wood replacement, coupled with the fact that we apparently have an old, unusual garage door, meant that I had to call a bunch of different places on the phone and meet with three different repair guys out at the house before I could find someone who could or would fix it.
Eventually I got ahold of a company who did a great job at a very reasonable price, and who stayed late to get the work done (Always Available Available Garage Door is their name).  I was really impressed.
Some other stuff got done on Saturday (some chores and Kiddo got a haircut and Raylan got a bike ride), but Saturday definitely got messed up a little by the door project.

On Sunday I took Raylan over to the Veloway.  The Veloway Park in South Austin is, well, a veloway, which means it's essentially a nice bike trail.  It goes goes in a roughly three mile loop through the woods.  It was a nice place to bring Raylan to practice riding a pedal bike (Our neighbors gave him an old hand-me-down bike with training wheels from their grandson.  It's a little heavy, but it works.).  Raylan did pretty well.  Sometimes too well.  He tends to go really fast, and then sort of lose control and/or have a hard time stopping.  He wound up in the weeds a few times.  He also has a hard time sometimes riding up the hills, but some adults have difficulty with that, so it's to be expected.
Anyway, he completed the whole 3 mile loop.  We stopped for water and stretched a few times to catch our breath.  (Raylan also rides at full speed until he's totally winded, and then he completely stops until he's "rested").

The open road!!!

Easy Rider!!
Sunday afternoon Raylan took a nap.  We took care of some chores.  I tried to fix a light bulb in the tail light of my car.  The tail light was already cracked, and I ended up splintering it.  So now I gotta get that fixed.  
Later there was playing and baths and dinner.

In the evening I went to band practice and played with Frank and Reed.  We sounded good, and I had fun.

And that was the weekend!  Have a good week!

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