Monday, February 19, 2018

President's Day Weekend Update

So our weekend was pretty good.
Amy ended up having to work a little late on Friday night, so I took Raylan and we went to La Posada for dinner.  They were showing the Winter Olympics on TV, ad he had a lot of questions about what all of those people were doing on the snow and ice.  He ordered his own food (chicken nuggets- which he ate a little of- and beans and tortillas- which he chowed down on).  We brought some chicken mole home for Amy.

Friday night dinner
Saturday we got up and took Raylan to the park and for a ride around the neighborhood on his balance bike.  It was a little cool and occasionally misty, but it was still good to get out and run around.  I took my bike up to the park as well, and Raylan and I had some races on the (empty) tennis courts.

The Joslin Elementary gardens.  Apparently Raylan is mystified that the
cilantro is continuing to grow

Skid Steer!
On Saturday afternoon I took a pretty long bike ride around South Austin.  It was cool and breezy (which allowed me to ride for a long time without ever getting sweaty).  It was good to get out and ride a bit.
Later, we drove out to Mom and Dad's house for dinner.  Raylan was really excited to see his Grandma and Papa, and Mom made some really good chicken enchiladas.  We had a really nice evening.  Apologies to Mom and Dad if we weren't super chatty, but it was nice to just sort of show up and decompress a bit in a place where Raylan was comfortable just playing with family and entertaining himself.
On Sunday I got us some breakfast from Central Market and then we went grocery shopping.  We played with Raylan.
Sidewalk Chalk Art
A shockingly accurate likeness of Papa and Grandma
In the evening I had band practice.  It was just Reed and Frank and I, but we sounded decent and had fun.
Monday Amy and I had the day off for President's Day, although Amy had a scheduled conference call in the afternoon with a District Court down in Houston.
In the morning we took Raylan over to Garrison Park.  He rode his balance bike and played on the playground (Raylan has decided that one of their playscapes doubles as a spaceship).

Raylan is surprisingly good at balancing on his bike.  He manages to cruise
long distances with his feet up when going downhill, even on the trails.

Later in the morning, before lunch time, I took Raylan and dropped him off at his school so I could get him out of the house for Amy's conference call.  Raylan ate lunch with his friends and took a nap while I ran a couple of errands, and then I picked him up after nap.  He was gone about 3 hours (two of them asleep), I got to take care of some stuff while Amy did her work stuff.  It all worked out pretty well.  We got home in plenty of time to get some good playing in before dinner.

More fun with the Marble Run

Monday night Amy made some turkey chili Frito pie.  It was tasty.
And that was the weekend!

It was good, but went by fast.

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