Sunday, August 20, 2017


Well, it's been kind of a crazy week at our house.  In my last post I mentioned that Raylan had developed a bit of a fever.  Welllll... it was really hard to get it to go away.
Amy and I took turns with him at home on Monday, and Amy took him to a nearby clinic in the afternoon.  They checked his ears and looked him over and decided that he probably had a virus, and it would just run its course within a day or two.  He wasn't acting super sick or anything (just a little coughing from time to time), so we weren't too worried.
By Wednesday his fever was pretty much unchanged, though, so I took him in to see his regular doctor, Dr. Grady.
Turns out he had pneumonia.
So he got put on antibiotics.
Anyway, he was away from preschool all week, with Amy, Mom, dad, and myself taking turns with him.
Most of the time he didn't act all that sick.  Maybe a little mellow, but, honestly, he's seemed worse before when he had a cold.  Weird.

"Sure, I've got pneumonia, and I've been putting this plastic doughnut in
my mouth.... but I don't see any reason why you wouldn't want
to play with it, too!"
Anyway, by Saturday he was doing better.  We took him to the library and played with him around the house.  We went to the grocery store and the book store.
In the evening we went to dinner at Abuelo's to celebrate my Dad's birthday (which is actually on Monday, the 21st- which happens to be a total eclipse day this year).
We had a nice dinner.  Jamie made a really good chocolate cake.  It was fun to hang out, and the food was good.

Happy birthday, Dad!

Sunday we took care of some chores and ran a few errands.

Cleaning off the sidewalk so we can make new drawings.
We also took Raylan to the Garrison Pool on Sunday.  It made him really happy.  He'd been sort of trapped in the house for the last week while he was sick, so he was really excited to go to the pool and splash around.

The endless fascination with drains and filters continues.
After the pool we stopped by Dairy Queen for some ice cream cones.  Other from that, I went and had band practice with Reed, but that was about it.  We had a good practice.
So that's all!
Raylan is back to school this week, and since the Child Development Center runs on the same schedule as the Austin Independent School District, he's got a "new" class as he falls into fall (although he has the same teacher and a few of the same classmates that he had this summer).

I can't believe we're headed into fall!

Hope everyone has a good week.

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