Monday, August 14, 2017


Hi!  Hope you're doing well.
Things have been a little busy/crazy at our house.  My Mom and Dad got back from their trip to Scandinavia, Russia, and Northern Europe this week.  They traveled with our family friends, Rick and Peggy Magsig.  It sounds like it was a really good trip.  They met up with some family members in Sweden who are cousins to my mom through my grandfather on her side of the family.  It sounds like they were nice people, and it was an interesting visit.  I still haven't seen pictures, but I'm looking forward to it.
My parents took Raylan to his swim lesson on Thursday.  He got some new goggles.


Friday night we went out to dinner at La Posada and watched TV.
Amy and I are in the process of trying to become foster parents, and on Saturday we went to a training for most of the day at Upbring (formerly Lutheran Social Services).  It was an informative training, and we met some good folks.
Raylan spent the night with Grandma and Papa, so on Saturday night we met some friends for dinner at The Beer Plant.  We had dinner with Emily and Joe and Kit and Shelly.  Both couples are expecting babies, so we jokingly had been referring to out meet up as "The Last Supper".  (In truth, we're hoping to meet up again once or twice before the kiddos arrive.)
Anyway, we had a really nice dinner.  Good food and a good time.  It was good to see the gang.
Raylan had woken up a few times the night before, though, so we hadn't gotten a lot of sleep Friday night.  After the training all day and the dinner (with a few beers) I was tired.
On Sunday we did some grocery shopping and errands before Raylan got home.

"Grandma tells me that all of the kids in Finland dress like this, Dad,
but I don't know..."
On Sunday evening I went to band practice.  I got a text from Amy that Raylan wasn't feeling very well and had a fever, so I came home a little early.

Raylan had a fever, and Amy and I ended up staying home with him the next day (I took the morning, and Amy took the afternoon).  Amy took him to the doctor, and the doctor suspected a virus.

Sick?  Who's sick?

And so that was the weekend, Raylan is still a little sick.  He seems to be in pretty good spirits, but he still has a bit of a fever.  Hopefully it goes away soon.

That's it!  Have a good week!!

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