Monday, December 05, 2016


So, our weekend was pretty good, if a little rainy.
On Friday night we just sort of hung out at the house.  Amy took Raylan for a little bit of outside play time while I watched from the front and back porches (apparently he walked all the way around the block while holding her hand, so that's progress).
Amy and I watched some of Captain America: Civil War. 

"Dad, Mom tells me it's fun to be outside in the cold and rain.  It's fun,
right, Dad?  Where are you going?" 
On Saturday morning we went out for breakfast at Kerbey Lane and ran some errands.

"Where'd that waitress, go?  I think I'm gonna order myself some
On Saturday afternoon Mom and Dad picked up Raylan to keep him over night.
On Saturday night we went out to Austin Karoke for some singing and socializing.
Shelly, Kit, Emily, Joe, Ruben, Miguel, Rosa, and Josh all came out to karaoke.  We had a really good time!
Ruben and Rosa were probably the best singers, but the rest of us killed it with our showmanship!

Amy and Ruben performing "Love is an Open Door".
Without end.

Amy caught between two PERFORMAHS!!

On Sunday we got up sort of late.  I ate Mexican food and Amy worked out.  We went to the grocery store and ran some other errands.
Then Mom and Dad brought Raylan back.  
"I heard you went out singing without me!"
I had band practice Sunday night.  Amy was kind enough to let me sneak out while she was getting Raylan to bed.
Everyone made it to rehearsal.  It was fun!
When I got home we ate some lasagna and watched the season finale of Westworld.
It was good.  That show has a lot of violence and nudity, but it's really thought provoking.  We're both enjoying it.  I hope it continues to be as good during season 2.
And that was the weekend!

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