Monday, December 12, 2016


Ho ho ho!  Well, it seem like we're sort of in the full swing of the Christmas season.
On Friday night we didn't do a whole lot, I guess.
I ended up working sort of late for a Friday night.
Then Amy and I both exercised that night.
Not too much to report.

"Dad, either this is a tiny front loader, or these are giant cheerios.  I
haven't decided."

On Saturday Amy got up and went to a hair appointment, and I got up and took Raylan to the mall to have his picture taken with Santa.  We had a scheduled time to see Santa, so that was awesome. Getting Raylan into the right clothes and getting out the door in time to meet the jolly old elf was a bit of a challenge, but we pulled it off.
Mom and Dad called and wanted to come meet us at the mall to see Raylan get his picture taken.

"What are you doing there, buddy?"
"Uh, no, that's not hugging.  Let's go see Santa"

"So much help, Dad.
So.  Much.  Help."
And so the big meet up with Santa took place.
It went swimmingly.
Surely if Dad joins in the picture, that'll calm everything right down...

So that was my first Santa picture experience with Raylan.  By the way, he was laughing and happy from up to 10 seconds before we tried to take the pictures and immediately happy again and asking for a snack about 5 seconds after we took the pictures.  
He might be a wee bit dramatic.
No idea where he gets that.

Thanks to Mom and Dad for coming out for the pictures!

In the afternoon we went to the park.

Saturday night we went to Sophia's Austin Supper Club for dinner with the family.  We got a babysitter and went out for our yearly Italian meal before Christmas with Ryan, Jamie, Mom, and Dad.
It was fun!  The food was really good, and it was nice to hang out with our family.
Amy and I definitely appreciated a chance to have a grown-up evening with our family without having to wrangle a toddler while trying to visit with everyone.

On Sunday we went out for breakfast, ran some errands, and in the afternoon we went to a Christmas party thrown by Amy's co-worker, Tony.
It was a fun event.
Good food and fun people.

Logan, Raylan, and Truett enjoy the party.

Raylan squeezed himself in between some ladies and refused to come out.
The boy is a prodigy when it comes to understanding party dynamics.

Sunday night I had band practice.

And that was it!  Nice weekend!

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