Monday, August 15, 2016


So this weekend was weird.  It wasn't bad, but it rained a lot.
In Austin.
In August.
My parents had been in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a week, and they got back late Wednesday night.  On Friday Grandma took care of Raylan.  He was very happy to have her back.

"Grandma, you're back so we can stay home and go for walks
and ride in my car and play outside and read books and wear
my hat and sing some songs and-"

On Saturday Raylan had kind of a fussy night (more teething), so we skipped gym class and played at home instead.  We took him to the park by our house and hung out and played for a while.  Raylan had fun climbing up the jungle gym to go down the slide.  Eventually it started to rain, though.

"Can't help but notice that you have my ball, there, Mom..."

On Saturday afternoon we all loaded up in the car and went out to Mom and Dad's house to just hang out and visit and eat dinner.  Mom made some spaghetti, and Dad grilled some sausage.  It was nice.  It was good to see them and to hear about their Michigan trip, and it was good to get out of the house for a change of scenery.  Being trapped in the house with a busy toddler on a rainy day ain't no joke.

"I don't know who's tickling me, but they have a majestic
head of silver, executive-style hair..."


"Mom, I love nature.  I want to run out there, and frolic, and
dance, and play, and-"

"Hey, did you guys know that it's raining?!"

On Saturday night after Raylan was in bed Amy and I watched some old Seinfeld episodes that I had ordered on Netflix.  I'd been inspired by a recent story that I had heard on NPR about the show, and we've been in the mood for some comedy.  Anyway, the show still holds up really well, I'm happy to say.
On Sunday we got up and went and had breakfast at Snooze again.  More of my money going to those carpetbagging Coloradoans because of their irresistible breakfast food.

"And- and- you know what else Grandma said?"

After breakfast we took Raylan to Garrison Park.  It rained earlier that morning, and it started raining after we had been there for about an hour, so we managed to time things just about right.  The park wasn't very crowded, I guess because of the possibility of rain.

"I'm not sure I have the trajectory exactly prefect on this
one.  If I'm going to make it into the Olympics as a swinger,
I really need to up my game."

While we were walking around the park, we saw a lady looking up into a tree.  There were a couple of pretty good sized owls just sort of hanging out in the low hanging tree branches.  They didn't seem especially scared of people, and they let us get pretty close to get a look.  I tried to point one out to Raylan, but the owl wasn't super jazzed about having people point at it.  Raylan was pretty oblivious to the owls.  Eventually the one closest to us flew away.  It was really cool.

"Whooooo do you think you're lookin' at?"
That was about it for the park. Raylan had a lot of fun. He played on the jungle gym (climbing the stairs and running the ramps), went down the slides, and rode the swings.  He loves swings.  He gets mad when it's time to get off.

On Sunday afternoon we did a little shopping.  On Sunday evening Amy made some good chicken sandwiches.  We watched a little bit of the Olympics.  We saw Usain Bolt win the 100 meter race.  We watched Brazil playing Russia in women's volleyball.  
And that was the weekend.  Rainy, but we still got out and did stuff.  It was good.

Have a good week!










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