Monday, August 22, 2016

Dad's Birthday; Update

Hey, there!
So, it's still raining in Austin.  I never thought I would miss the drought, but...
It's August, and it's constantly raining.  Which is weird.  And which makes it especially hot and jungle-ish. 
Raylan is going a little bonkers from spending too much time inside.  We keep taking him to stores and to other places to get him out of the house.  At this point, the kid knows Target fairly intimately.
The rain finally let up for a few minutes on Saturday morning, so I took him out to walk.  He was so excited to run that he immediately fell on his face on the concrete (scoring himself a world class, black and blue goose egg on his forehead just in time for my dad's birthday dinner).
Oh well.
I just hope it doesn't rain all the way through September and October as well!

"Dad, thanks for going to the store and getting me flowers!!
Next time you should really consider getting some for Mom..."

On Saturday morning Raylan and I let Amy sleep in a bit.  We got up and had breakfast and went to the grocery store together while she caught up on sleep.  We had a good time.  Immediately after this outing I took Raylan for our infamous walk/nosedive onto the concrete adventure.
After that Amy fed Raylan some lunch.
I went to the gym to work out.  After the gym we headed over to my parents' house to celebrate Dad's 70th birthday.
We had a really nice time.  Ryan, Jamie, Susan, Donald, and Dick were there along with my parents.  We got to visit, and Raylan was extremely entertained by everyone, at least, in part, but trying to entertain everyone.  That kid loves a crowd, and he knows how to work a room.  As I said, he's been cooped up quite a bit lately with the rain, so he enjoyed the chance to run around Mom and Dad's house and soak up attention from all of the Raylan-lovin' grown ups.
Mom and Dad got barbecue from Rudy's, and we picked up a German chocolate cake from Russell's Bakery.

"Yeah, that's great, Grandpa.  Now are you gonna let me throw
that thing, or what?"

"Yeah, yeah.  Picture.  Great.
Are we done here?  Cause I got stuff I gotta get back to.
Those blocks aren't gonna knock themselves over."

"No, I'm not tired!  This is the best party ever, and there's
still a lot...of stuff... I want... to do..."


We watched some of the Olympics on Mom and Dad's giant TV, drank a little beer and wine, got caught up with one another, ate some good food, and entertained Raylan.
Then we headed for home.
Sunday we got up and ate breakfast.  Amy went to meet some friends, have brunch, and do some shopping.  Raylan and I went to Target and ran another errand or two.  We had a good time.
Then he got some lunch and went down for a nap while I worked out.
Amy came home and we did a few chores and wrangled Raylan.  In the evening I went over to Reed's house to play some music while Amy took over Raylan duty.
I went and picked up some Central Market for dinner after I got back.
And that was about it!
I guess the weekend went by pretty fast.

Happy 70th birthday, Dad!  We all really appreciate everything that you do and have done for the family!  It's literally much more than I can convey in a blog post, but my life would never have been anywhere nearly as good  without you!  I truly feel very lucky to have you as my dad (and Raylan is lucky to have you as a grandfather).
Love you!



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