Sunday, January 24, 2016


Hey!  So this weekend was a little better than last one.  Raylan has remained sick all week, but the doctor says this sort of respiratory virus thing takes a while to work itself out.  So... we've been trying to keep the kid happy and comfortable.  My mom regularly helps out with Raylan, but she really went the extra mile this week, taking care of him during work every day while he was home from daycare!  Thanks so much, Mom! (and Dad, who helped out, too!).
Amy and I have each been sick as well.  So- long week.
This weekend seemed a little better.  We pretty much laid low, but we got out for a few walks.  Amy and I got some exercise.  I went to the grocery store.
And Amy and I watched Thor on Saturday night.  It's a fun movie.  We both enjoyed it.
Sunday morning we made it down the street for a quick breakfast at Central Market.
On Sunday afternoon Peggy and Rick Magsig, old family friends who were in town visiting my parents, stopped by to see Raylan.  It was a short visit, but it was really nice to see them.  They brought some fun Star Wars themed bath toys.  For Raylan.  Or for me.  Maybe they're for me.
Sunday evening I went over to Reed's house for band practice.  We got a wire crossed somewhere, though, and practice had actually been cancelled.
I had my gear, though, and Reed had some free time, so we turned it into a rehearsal for the world's most under appreciated side project band- Wastewood.  We had fun and sounded okay!
And that was more or less the weekend.  In between the aforementioned events there was nose wiping, feeding, diaper changing, rocking, singing, playing, and book reading.  The usual.
Raylan seems like he is slowly getting better.  
Hope everyone has a nice week!

"Walk?  Did you say walk?"

Raylan seems unsure about the wormhole simulator
that Mom has has placed in his room

After anguishing internal debate and risk-beneift analysis,
Rylan cautiously approaches the event horizon

Threshold crossed!

"No, for real.  I went through a wormhole."

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