Monday, January 11, 2016


Our weekend was pretty good, but it just went by way too fast. After getting all of the stuff done that you need to get done, it seems like there's rarely enough time to get all of the stuff done that you want to get done.
So we got grocery shopping done, trips to the store done, dog food bought, each of us got exercise, a haircut, etc., etc.  All of that plus laundry and Raylan wrangling and cooking (tortilla soup for us and baby food for Raylan) and cleaning and other odds and ends.  Pretty domestic stuff, but the time went by. 
We also got to see Ryan and Jamie for lunch over the weekend.  We went to Kerbey Lane CafĂ©, and got to hear about Ryan's job and Matt and Nicole's house.  They got to see Raylan, and Raylan got to see them.  It was good to get a chance to hang out.
On Sunday I went to band practice and, for the first time in a long time, all five of us were there.  It was good to see all of the guys and make some music.  We sounded pretty good, given that it had been a while since we all played together.

("So I hear that monkeys cling to their mothers, like,
24 hours a day!")
Go to your blog list
("Snuck up on you AGAIN!  Hahahaha!!!")

Anyway, that was our weekend.  It was good, but it just went by very fast.

P.S.- on a side note, David Bowie died today.  Very sad.  He just released a new album, Blackstar, and I had downloaded it off Spotify this weekend, and spent part of Saturday night listening to it.  Gonna miss Bowie.  He had a truly great, original sound.

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