Monday, December 07, 2015


So, it wasn't the best weekend ever.  Not the worst, mind you, but I got a cold starting g on Friday night, and by Saturday I had one of the worst headaches I've had in my life.  It.  Wouldn't.  Go.  Away.  Anyway, I'm not really used to serious headaches (God help those people who live with regular migraines), so I spent a lot of Saturday sleeping and whimpering (because I'm tough like that).  I was supposed to go to a graduation dinner for our friend, Kit (congratulations, Kit!!), but I ended up staying home sick while Amy went on her own.    Sounds like she had a really good time.  Mom and Dad had already arranged to take Raylan for the night so we could go to the graduation dinner, so I was able to get some rest.  Thanks to them!

Anyway, consequently, I don't have a lot to report from this weekend.  I ended up sleeping through UT's final game of the year, in which they apparently managed to defeat the once-mighty Baylor (I know they've had some quarterback injuries- but I still thought they'd beat us).

(Raylan teaching Mom to read on Thursday morning.
Raylan likes when Grandma hangs out with him for
the day.)

Amy looking beautiful for the dinner I didn't make it to

(Here I'm trying to feed Raylan food, but he
prefers his teething toy)
And finally, a video from Friday night that Raylan fans might enjoy (but which his enemies will hate).  It's a little repetitive, so we'll forgive you if you don't watch all of it.  ;-)

That's about it.  I'm hopefully on the mend.  Raylan's got a cold, too, so we're working through things together.



Jean said...

Hot Momma! We also want a Episode 2 of rolling from Raylan -- maybe you could do the rolling next time. Love you guys! xoox

J.S. said...

There is a venerated, traditional fighting move in our family called the Steansroller. I hope to impart it to the boy in case he decides to pursue a career in professional wrestling. Maybe if Funcle Ryan drops by I can demonstrate how it works. Might be more disturbing than Amy's variation...

Amy said...

You didn't mention that I had a NEW top! It's so new and awesome and made in America! Win, win, win!

J.S. said...

Yes, Amy's embraced fair trade/made in America clothing, and it turns out that she's been able to pull it off in style! Meanwhile, my giant-sized clothes continue to be made by the diminutive natives of various third world nations...