Monday, December 14, 2015


Hey! How is everyone? Feeling merry yet?

Well, we've been good, but pretty busy.
On Thursday of this week, we had the Christmas party for Amy's office.  It was nice.  It was at Emily and Joe's restaurant (i.e., Russells Bistro).  Nice food and drink, and I got a chance to chat with some of the nice folks from Amy's office that I don't see all that often.

(Amy wore her cat sweater, I think for the ugly sweater contest, but then
she decided it was too hot, and took it off before the actual judging)

(Jolly ol' Saint Nick made an appearance!)

So that was on Thursday night.  Mom and Dad kept Raylan that night so we wouldn't have to worry about him being up past his bed time while we were at the party.  Thanks, Admiral and Karebear!
Friday night I don't think we got up to very much.  I can't really remember, honestly.
On Saturday I went grocery shopping, and we did chores, and we took turns running to the gym.
Saturday evening we went over to Mandy's house for a sort of potluck dinner (although Mandy did most of the cooking).  Kim, Sigmund, Miles, Andy, Rami, Wilson, Mandy, Kellie, Marigold, Josephine, and our family were in attendance.  It was fun to hang out and catch up and watch the kiddos play.  Raylan seemed to really enjoy watching the other kids.  Also, Mandy made some tasty chicken tacos!  It's a little surreal (and cool) to see all of these kids hanging out together, knowing that the parents have been hanging out together for many years...
So that was Saturday.
On Sunday we got up and went out to breakfast at Kerbey Lane.  It was nice to get up and get out for breakfast.  We ran a couple of errands before heading home.
We took care of some chores on Sunday.  Laundry.  Raylan wrangling.  Amy made some treats for a holiday cookie party at her office and worked on a project for one of her nephews (it's a Christmas surprise, so I won't give it away).  We took turns exercising.
In the evening I went to band practice.  It was good to see the guys and play some tunes.

("I'm MOBILE now!!!")

("Because I'm comfortable here.  That's why."

("Oh my God!  Did you guys forget to knock this cup tower over,
or what?!")

("Dad, this thing makes the inside of
my head light up...")

("That's it...  Just take one step
closer, Mom....")
And that was the weekend. I'm not sure where it went, really, but it seemed to go by fast without much down time.
It feels like we're just racing through the holiday season.
I hope everyone is doing well.


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