Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Well, the weekend was kind of weird.  I woke up on Friday feeling a little off, and by Friday afternoon I could tell that I was coming down with something.  By Friday night I had a bad headache, really sore throat, and a bunch of other typical symptoms that go along with a pretty nasty cold.  It was really uncomfortable.  I felt really crappy Saturday.  I felt bad for Amy because she'd been kinda cooped up in the house all week on baby duty with Raylan, and when the weekend came around, I was sort of useless as a caregiver.  It wasn't like I was too sick to sit in a chair and hold him, but once I read that babies tend to get fevers when they catch a cold, it made me want to limit the amount of physical contact that I had with him. 
By Sunday, though, I was feeling better.  I got up in the morning and fed The Boy and took the pictures featured above.  I guess maybe Raylan was pretty excited about his Sunday plans to see the grandparents.  Anyway, needing to get Amy out of babyland for a bit, we took Mom and Dad up on an invite and piled in the car to go out to their house.  When we got there, Mom and Dad did some babysitting while Amy, Jamie, and I went to the pool and did some swimming (Ryan's out of town for a conference, so Jamie met us out there).  It was nice to get some fun in the sun.  It helped dry out my cold a bit, I think.  Anyway, the sun and the water felt good.
Sunday night we had dinner with Mom and Dad.  It was good to catch up with them.  They fed us salmon burgers and pasta salad and regular salad and fruit.
Then we drove home and went to sleep.
Anyway, I'm feeling better now (still a little congested, but whatever), and (knock on wood) it seems like I managed not to get Amy or Raylan sick.

Things are good at our place.  Did I mention that we got Raylan into what we think will be a really good daycare (i.e., a good place that's close to our offices downtown)?  That's a big weight off our minds.
Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well!  Summer time!!!

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