Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quick Update

Really quick update.  I'll post more later, but I don't have time right now.

Friday night we had some pizza and wine.  We had wine!!  Wild and crazy night where each of us had a glass of wine.  And then stared at the baby.  And put the cork in the wine bottle to save it for the next night.

Last weekend we mostly just hung out on Saturday.  We took Raylan out to breakfast at Central Market on Saturday morning.  He had Belgian waffles (just kidding- he sat in his car seat and gurgled at us while we ate).  It was nice.
After breakfast I did some grocery shopping while Amy gave Raylan a bath.
Mary and Chad came by with Truett for a visit.  Raylan and Truett actually seemed to notice each other, so that was really cool.  They'll both be attending daycare together at St. Luke's pretty soon.

Saturday night I think we watched The Americans.  I'm still enjoying it a lot.

On Sunday we went out to Mom and Dad's place.  Our family friends, the Bloods, are in town, so we had some barbecue for lunch and hung out with them while we ate.  Afterward they went to go visit some friends who live near my parents, and Amy and I went to the swimming pool while Mom and Dad did some Raylansitting.  Unfortunately we had some thunder while we were at the pool, so we only got a relatively short amount of time to actually swim, but we enjoyed our time, anyway.
We got back, fed Raylan, and headed home.

Yesterday I stayed home all day with Raylan, solo, while Amy went to work and Mom hung out with the Bloods.  We had a pretty good day!  (although we missed Amy/Mom)

That was about it.

I'll try to post some pics later.  Short on time today.  Hope everyone's doing well!

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