Monday, March 09, 2015


Well, after a somewhat spring-like December, January, and early February, things have been sort of cold and wet here in the first part of March. We had an ice day last week where I didn't go into work until 1:00, and Amy had the whole day off (the state offices closed once the schools announced that they'd be shut for the day).
(so never again will I mock the groundhog when he predicts 6 more
weeks of winter...)
Anyway, we've had a lot of rain and colder weather.  I think Amy and I are both ready for the sunshine to return.
This weekend was sort of unusual.  We spent about 12 hours in a childbirth class.
The class was pretty good.  They covered all kinds of stuff- anatomy, the childbirth process, pain management for contractions, medications and medical procedures, and some post-delivery tips for continuing care after you get home from the hospital.  So the class was designed to teach you what to expect, and to make you more confident and relaxed going into the child birth process.
I think the class accomplished that fairly well. 
The class was taught by a doula, and she did a good job.  I thought the class might have been improved somewhat by having a doctor come in to talk about some of the medical interventions and medications.  When describing the risks and benefits of these things, it might be good to have someone giving the talk who can speak a little bit about the sorts of emergency situations that the doctors are trying to avoid or might be required to deal with, as opposed to a doula with much less medical training (our doula literally described the doctor's role as simply catching the baby when it popped out and possibly stitching mom up, if needed).
Anyway, we've known 4 people who gave birth within the last few months, and half of them had cesarean section deliveries.  I'm not sure I'm ready to relegate doctors to the role of baby catchers...
That being said, the class had a lot of good information.  I do feel more informed and maybe a little more confident for having attended.  We also got a tour of the labor and delivery portion of our hospital (St. David's), and that was good!

Because we spent a lot of time in class, though, I don't have a lot to report.  We did our grocery shopping and ran some errands Friday night.  Saturday and Sunday nights we did some laundry.  We briefly saw Ryan and Jamie on Saturday because they let Cassidy come over to hang out with their dogs for the day.  It was good to see them, and Cassidy seemed to really appreciate visiting the cousin dogs.

Last night we watched The Overnighters.  I didn't really know anything about it, and Amy talked me into watching it.  It's a documentary that's sort of based upon the North Dakota oil boom that started in 2006 and is still ongoing.  The film is actually about men, the great majority of them poor and out of work, who moved to the small town of Williston to find jobs and opportunity.  They get to Williston and find that employment is harder to come by than they imagined, and that housing is all but unavailable.  A local church, Concordia Lutheran, opens its doors to provide these homeless men with food and shelter.  Some of the men are convicted criminals, some of them have substance abuse issues, and many of them are not likely to ever find employment.  The community becomes resentful of the influx of men, but pastor Jay Reinke, the central figure in the film, takes a very hard stand, insisting that his church provide shelter for these "overnighters".  I don't want to give too much away, so I'll go ahead and leave it at that, but the director of The Overnighters, Jesse Moss, definitely ended up with more than just a simple documentary about the logistics of the oil boom.  I'm sure that he was just as surprised as everyone else with the final product of his efforts.  I would definitely recommend the film.

Anyway, that was our weekend.  Lots of time in a hospital basement learning about bebes!!!

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