Monday, March 16, 2015

Update; Ryan and Jamie's B-Day

The weekend was nice. It felt good to have a couple of days off after having spent all of last weekend in our childbirth classes (which were helpful, but made it feel like we didn't get a weekend).
This weekend went by pretty fast.  On Friday night we walked to Central Market and had some dinner while listening to some pretty decent music.  It was fun. 
On Saturday Amy took me out to Kerbey for a birthday breakfast.  The weather was nice, and we sat outside.  It was good.  Afterwards we went shopping and ran errands and stuff.
Saturday evening my parents took us out for a nice birthday dinner to celebrate Ryan and Jamie's upcoming 40th birthdays.  We went to Perry's Steakhouse down on 7th Street.  We had a really nice time!  It's a cool restaurant.  I had pecan crusted red snapper with crab meat on top and a wine sauce.  Amy and Jamie had steak.  Ryan had a really big pork chop.  Everyone except Amy had some wine.  Jamie, Ryan, Mom, Dad, Susan, Dick, Juan, and Matt were in attendance along with Amy and myself.
(this is the kind of crew that could ruin Perry's reputation for fine dining)

(ladies from my family.  Undoubtedly in the midst of planning something
that will affect me in some way)

(I'm going to start serving my kabobs at home this same way) 
So it was fun to go downtown and have a fancy dinner with everyone. Really nice way to kick off Ryan and Jamie's 40th birthday celebration!
On Sunday we just sort of took care of some more errands and chores.  One of the more fun errands involved running to Costco to pick up a new camera.  We got a Nikkon D3300.  Baby camera!  I'm still in the early stages of figuring out how to use it, but I shot this picture with it...
(I used our new camera to snap a photo of Cassidy
 protecting the front yard)
I have/had an SLR camera that shoots traditional film, and I used to use it quite a bit, but once digital cameras came out, I sort of switched over and haven't used a SLR camera for a while (I started buying point and click digital cameras to use along with my phone, but I've never had a decent digital SLR). 
Anyway, I realized, upon trying to use the camera, that I'm sort of rusty, and I've sort of lost track of some of my basic photography skills.  I was never an expert, by any means, but I used to be better about being able to set shutter speeds, adjust aperture settings, and use flash in order to get the picture that I was looking for.  It's gonna be fun to get back into practice.

Last night Amy made delicious chicken enchiladas with red sauce.  Soooo good.
And last night we watched a video about baby care (every bit of this stuff helps, I've decided- I feel less anxious for having watched it), and then I followed the baby care video with The Walking Dead.  Such is my life as I prepare to role into my 42nd year here in 2015:  the optimism and hope that come with having a baby coupled with the constant fear of an apocalypse.
Maybe I'm thinking a little bit too hard about the symbolism behind my Sunday night, post-enchilada viewing choices.  ;-)

Anyway, that was the weekend! 
Hope you are all doing well!!!


Anonymous said...

With respect to new camera - think AUTOMATIC! I screwed up the pictures of you as a newborn with a new camera 42 years ago :(

The League said...

happy b-day to you, you live in a zoo, etc...