Monday, January 12, 2015


Hey!  Not too much to post about right now.  We're sort of in a transitional period at the moment over at our house.  We're having some interior painting done, so much of the weekend revolved around moving furniture and taking pictures off the walls and stuff like that. 
On Saturday night we managed to make it out to see The Imitation Game.  It was a good movie.  Alan Turing's story is pretty amazing.  It's just sort of fascinating the way that his knowledge of math, cryptography, and machines came into play at exactly the right moment in time to help turn the course of the war and save countless lives.  Of course, other aspects of his life were occurring at exactly the wrong point in history.  He ended up as somewheone who should had been venerated as a national hero on a societal level (although, because his work was classified, the magnitude of his achievements were never widely known during his lifetime) while suffering a lot of pain and grief on a personal one.  Anyway, the movie has a few moments that are a little heavy-handed, but it's still a really good film.  Go see it!
Mom and Dad came to the house yesterday to help us move some stuff and to get the house ready for painting.  I really appreciate all their help.  We're staying with them this week in order to escape the fumes and mess at our place.

And that's about it for now.
Just wanted to check in and say hello.
Hope you're doing well!

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