Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Update: Sedaris; Veterans Day; Shelly B-Day

On Monday night I went out to dinner at Curra's with Amy, Jean, and Greg, and then we all went to see David Sedaris at The Long Center.  David Sedaris is, I guess, what might be traditionally known as a humorist.(?)  He's primarily a writer, and his speaking engagements consist largely of Sedaris reading from his various essays and books while throwing in some personal anecdotes for good measure.  He's funny, of course, but also a good writer.  His insights and observations about everything from family to culture to technology are, by turns, hilarious, poignant, thought-provoking, and outrageous.
Amy and I had heard Garrison Keillor speak at the Paramount only a month or two ago, and so listening to Sedaris, I couldn't help but compare the two.  Keillor sort of came across like an amused, gently sardonic grandparent.  He quietly makes observations about modern American life from the vantage point of the resident of an idyllic, homogenous midwestern community.  In Keillor's work, people discover one another's differences and diversity creeps in, but there's a sort of confidence that equilibrium will always be maintained, and that eventually a sense of harmony and community will be restored.  Community is everything, and it will always survive any particular structural changes in the great American social fabric.
Sedaris, on the other hand, writes from the perspective of a 57 year old gay man who grew up in North Carolina.  He's observant, charming, and witty, but his humor comes from the viewpoint of someone who has developed self confidence and strength despite the dynamics of the community around him rather than due to the support of accepting neighbors.
I don't mean to make it sound as if Keillor is an utter conformist, and Sedaris is a crusading rebel.  Both of them are more complex than that, and I feel that their viewpoints play out in subtle ways (Sedaris seems to occasionally take delight in shocking his audience, for example, while Keillor seems more inclined to draw out chuckles of recognition).
Anyway, we had a great time listening to David Sedaris.  You know the guy has good material when he can just stand up there and talk for two hours and keep everyone thoroughly entertained.

Tuesday was Veterans Day, so Amy and I both had the day off from work.  I went out to Lockhart with my dad and Greg so we could eat barbecue.  We went to Kreuz Market.  I got some smoked turkey and a little sausage.  Dad and Greg had brisket and sausage.  It was  fun.  Nice to have a tasty lunch with the vets.  In the afternoon I went with Amy, Jean, and Greg to look for a rocking chair and a stroller for the baby.  Apparently I will need a stroller with tall handles so I do not become a hunchback from pushing the bebe around town.
Tuesday night Amy and Jean made some delicious Toscana soup.  We had it with salad and bread, and it was delicious (espeically good since the weather had turned cold outside).   

Wednesday Jean and Greg left town.

Thursday night I had Veterans Court and got home sorta late.
On Friday night we went to The White Horse to celebrate Shelly's birthday.  We did some Cajun dancing and listened to lively Cajun music and hung out with some of Amy's friends from work.  Heather, Amy, and Mary were all there, and all three of those pregnant, sober ladies were willing to brave a crowded East Austin honky tonk on a chilly winter night in order to celebrate the birthday of a friend.  Let that be a lesson to you excuse-making couch potatoes who are too lazy to meet up with your wingmen/wingwomen/wingpeople!  Tommy, Kelly, and Stephen were also there (along with other assorted people that I did not know. but who seemed friendly enough).

On Saturday we did chores and ran errands.  We had breakfast in the morning at Kerbey Lane.  Breakfast was good, but the cafe's computers were down, and the waitstaff seemed borderline panicked about having to write down orders and add up bills with a calculator.  You would have thought that they were resorting to cooking by candlelight over campfires.  It was kind of hilarious.  Maybe those people gained a new level of respect for people who used to wait tables in the 1980s.  Probably not...

Saturday night we watched UT play against OSU over at Tyran and Jamie's house.  It was fun.  Mom and Dad were there, as well as Jamie, Ryan, Nicole, Matt, and Juan.  Matt and Nicole brought some tasty chicken chili, and Amy made some artichoke/spinach dip.  I brought a veggie tray.  The game was good, too!  UT not only won, but looked fairly dominant.  Nice to pick up that win, given that our next game is against on Thanksgiving against a fairly formidable TCU.

Sunday was cold and dreary.  We got some chores and errands done (including a trip to the mall, where the Christmas decorations were up, Santa was taking orders from the good kids, and Christmas songs were blaring through the PA system). 
I played some guitar for a while (in lieu of cancelled band practice), and then watched Walking Dead while Amy did some reading.

That was it!
It's been busy!  Hope everyone is doing okay!


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