Monday, November 10, 2014

Update; Ryann's Wedding; Jean and Greg Visit

The weekend went by in a fun, crazy blur.
Friday night was a little more subdued.  We came home, exercised, got some pizza, and watched 1987's Overboard, starring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.  Watching Overboard, it occurred to me that people in 2014 take things waaaayyyy more seriously than people did back in the 80's.  Overboard is essentially a wacky, lighthearted movie about a man who kidnaps a disabled woman (an amnesiac with a head injury) and turns her into a slave (she's incredibly wealthy, but he tricks her into thinking she's the wife and mother in his working class, hard luck family).  All of this because she owes him $600.
The movie is fun and goofy and harmless- and yet I'm sure that audiences (and especially critics) today would lose their sh*t if a modern comedy were released with a plot involving the abduction of a woman who was tricked into becoming some sort of indentured servant housewife.
But you know what?  It's funny!  Because it's absurd!!!
Modern comedy has lost something, and I think part of it comes from our inability to joyfully embrace the ridiculous.

On Saturday we got up and ran some errands and did a few chores.  Amy's parents are here for a visit this week, and they arrived in the afternoon.  We chatted with them for a little while, got some exercise, and then got ready to go to a wedding for one of my friends and coworkers, Ryann.

Ryann and her fiancee, Jorge, got married at Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd over off Windsor Road.  Their reception was at the Driskill Hotel.  It was a black tie wedding, so I wore a tuxedo and Amy wore a sort of formal black dress.  A number of people from my office were in attendance.
We had a really good time!  The wedding was an extremely tasteful, classy affair.  Good food, music, flowers, drinks, and decor.  Ryann and Jorge looked great.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  We felt grateful to have been invited.

(this was sort of a candid shot, taken by Judge George)

(Me and Dan)
(just a typical Saturday night)

(Amy and I at the church.  Amy looked beautiful!)

(it's a monument to marital bliss- disguised as a cake)

(Ryann, Allison, and Brandy, with Greg and George
in the background)

After the wedding we went over to the condo that Jean and Greg are renting during their visit.  We hung out with them for a little while.  Amy gave them the details on the wedding.  Then we headed home and went to bed!
On Sunday we got up and went to meet Jean and Greg at Maria's for breakfast tacos.  Afterward we went over to our house and did some chores.  Greg and I took a ride over to Home Depot and picked up some hardware so we could hang a few racks that Amy had bought.  I the afternoon I went on a bike ride.  The weather was perfect.  I rode downtown, past Fun Fun Fun Fest, and then rode back home.
In the evening we (Jean, Greg, Amy, and I) joined my parents, Ryan, and Jamie for dinner at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse.  We had a drink and some hors d'oeouvres at my parents house, and then we carpooled over there together.
It was a very nice meal.  Nice food, drinks, and company.
Thanks to Mom and Dad for taking us out for dinner!

And that was the weekend.  Very nice, but over way too fast.
Congrats to Ryann and Jorge!  Best wishes to them as they launch off into marriage!

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