Monday, November 03, 2014

Halloween Weekend

So Halloween fell on a Friday this year.  That's always fun! 

Amy went out of town this weekend.  She flew out to Arizona to see her family and have a Halloween hangout with the nephews. 
It was a little weird for me.  Halloween is not the most romantic of holidays, but at some point I realized that this was the first Halloween that Amy and I have ever spent apart.  When I first met Amy, she was not a big Halloween fan, but I've been working on her over the years, trying to get her to engage in Halloween frivolity with me while promising to downplay the scary/horror/gross elements of the holiday.  I think I've had a little success.  She's now willing to watch some classic horror movies around Halloween, and she enjoys handing out candy and seeing the kids in their costumes.  We've even attended a few Halloween parties and had a good time!
Anyway, this year- no Amy.  Which was weird.  I missed my reluctant Halloween partner.

On Friday afternoon, my coworkers brought their kiddos to the office for trick-or-treating.  A few of dressed up for the yearly event (which is always a lot of fun).  We get a lot of kiddos up at the office, and it's cool to see them in their costumes.

(someone, Gayle, and Lasto)

(Laura and some clown)

Anyway, as tradition would dictate, I went over to Ryan and Jamie's place to hand out candy.  Their neighborhood is way festive with Hallowwen decorations and neighbors who sit on porches and driveways handing out loot. They always get a lot of trick-or-treaters, and most of them are dressed up.  We had a good time handing out candy.  Ryan and Jamie were Superman and Supergirl, respectively, and I was, uh, well, this guy....
(freaky deaky in South Austin)
Ryan and Jamie are not a big fan of this particular mask, as they believe that it scares the bejeezus out of children, thereby ruining the child-friendly Halloween Supervibe that they've got going on over at their house.  With Amy out of town, though, this was my perfect chance to implement my long held (but little appreciated belief system) in which children must learn to conquer fear in order to earn candy.
And you know what?  Like 90% or more of these kids had no trouble.  They did find the mask scary, but they would eye me warily, slowly approach, and then grab a handful of candy before running away.  As a God-fearing American, this makes me proud!  I think it's good training for the kids!  Learning to let greed triumph over fear, especially when dealing with suspicious people, is what drives the American economy!  It's what allows us to take out ridiculous loans to pay for everything from houses to college, is it not?  Shove that fear down deep in the hole, grab the prize, and run!  Of course, this mentality might have led to the mortgage lending crisis of 2008, buuut... we all got over that just fine, didn't we?  Didn't we?!?!

(Dan and Adriana- a study
in costume as metaphor)
After handing out candy with Ryan and Jamie and eating a sandwich at their house, I went over to a Halloween party at Ruben and Miguel's place.  It was fun!  Good company, good food, and a very festive atmosphere.  I got to hang out socially with a few friends from work, and I got to see my director, Dan, dressed as a werewolf.

On Saturday I got up and worked out, and I went to the 512 Brewery tour with Matt, Matt, Ryan, and Chad.  The weather was perfect, and we had a good time.  Tasty beer, nice folks, and perfect weather.  It was fun to hang out with the dudes and drink a couple pints of beer on a sunny, fall afternoon.  We want to eventually explore some other breweries in the area.  Or at least I do.  Hopefully I can drag my dudes with me!

(this guy did a really good of keeping the tour short and uncomplicated,
recognizing that there was much fun to be had in hanging out, talking, and
sampling the beers)
 Saturday evening I went over to Ryan's house to watch the UT-Texas Tech game.  UT won!  Granted, Tech was never very good in the first place, and their quarterback got hurt early in the game, but... did I mention that UT won?!?!  Hooray!  We'll take 'em where we can get 'em this season.  fun time hanging out with Ryan, Jamie, Nicole, Matt, and Juan.

After the game I went over to Mandy's house for her Halloween/Dia de los Muertos party.  It was fun, and it was good to see her and Vicki and Kate and Candace, but I was also tired.  I only lasted about an hour before I wandered home, pet Cassidy, and climbed into bed.

Sunday I ran errands, did some chores, worked out, and had band practice.  Amy flew back in on Sunday night.  So good to have her home!  Really, really good.

And that was the weekend.  It was busy, but fun!
I can't believe that it's already November!
Hope you guys had a good one!

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