Friday, October 10, 2014

Update; ACL 2014; East Texas Lawyerin'!

Hey!  Hope everyone is doing okay.

Things have been going well over in Steansworld, but moving along at a fairly rapid clip.

Last weekend was the Austin City Limits Festival.  This would be my 12th year, folks.  Twelve years of rocking.  I remember going the first year and buying a poster because Jeff told me, "You might still be going to these things ten years from now and be happy that you bought a souvenir at the first one."
Anyway, the festival was fun this year, but also a little weird because Amy didn't come with.  I've gotten used to Amy being my live music partner, so when she decided not to go this year on account of pregnancy fatigue, I wasn't sure how thing would play out.  She encouraged me to go, though, (have I ever mentioned that I have a great wife who I love very much?), so I ended up attending.  Frank (guitarist extraordinaire from Mono E) bought Amy's ticket, so I ended up doing a lot of the festival with him.  We also met up with Mandy, Greg, Vicki, and Ellie.
The weather was really great.  Some of the best weather that I can remember at an ACL Fest.

The rundown of who I saw went like this:

Friday: Robert Ellis (just a couple of songs); John Batiste and Stay Human; Lake Street Dive; Los Colognes; St. Vincent; Childish Gambino; Belle & Sebastian; and Beck

Saturday:  Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue; Tune-Yards; Head and The Heart; Lucius; Beats Antique; and Broken Bells

Sunday:  Rey Pila; Gramatik; Fitz & The Tantrums; Phantogram; Spoon; and Pearl Jam (although we only watched a bit of Pearl Jam)

I had a good time at ACL.  Standout acts included John Batiste (really cool cort of jazzy funk style set with lots of good audience interaction), Trombone Shorty (also funky, but more rock-based), Broken Bells, Rey Pila (they ended up filling in for Bernhoft when he cancelled, so they were unexpected, but good rock music), and Fitx & The Tantrums.  I'm sure that Pearl Jam was also really good, but we were both tired and needing to get home, so we only caught the beginning of their set.  They rock, though.
We rode the bus back and forth to the festival from my house, mostly, which worked really well.  Nice to avoid the whole parking debacle down at Zilker during the festival.

Me, Vicki, Mandy, and Greg

John Batiste and Stay Human!  Great show!  Epic jazz piano version
of The Star Spangled Banner!

Many, Me, Frank, Vicki, and Clay.  I think it was just before I forced him
this photo Frank was telling me how much he hates being in pictures!  Hahahaha!

the UT band joins Trombone Shorty on stage for a jammy jam!

the view of Austin from ACL 2014

another year of the Crack flag!

So that was the festival.  It was fun!  I missed Amy, but we texted during the fest, and it sounded like she had a good weekend, so I think it all went okay (she got together with friends to talk about some baby-related planning and stuff like that).  Of course, we hung out in the mornings and a little each evening.  I'm glad she's good at entertaining herself because otherwise I would've felt more guilty (doing live music together is something we both enjoy).

Amy getting fired up for her hearing!
On Monday, the day after ACL Fest, Amy and I piled into the car and drove to Gilmer, in East Texas, for an eviction hearing that Amy had to do for work.  It was a case in front of a Justice of the Peace, and it involved a veteran who had bought some land through a special program, but then subsequently defaulted on payments.  Anyway, it turned out that the guy showed up for the hearing.  Amy won, and she didn't even have to feel bad about evicting the guy because he wasn't the one actually living on the land (long story, but he was letting his ne'er-do-well son live on the property).  So... Amy's first contested hearing was a nice win!  She even recovered attorney's fees on that case, which is apparently pretty unusual.  She did a great job.

East Texas was pretty.  I'm not sure I'm ready to move there, but I liked the trees.  Made for a pleasant drive.

And that's been about it.  We're back to work.  Last night we had a nice dinner with our friends Katie and Adam.  They invited us over and cooked a really tasty cheesy crab dish.  We brought some dessert squares from Central Market.  It was great to see them and catch up.

Hope everyone is doing okay!  I'm enjoying October.  Getting used to the idea that we're going to be parents!  Excited!!!!

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