Monday, September 08, 2014


Hullo everybuddy!
Not a lot new going on, really.

On Friday Amy and I had lunch with out friends Shelly and Kit.  We ate Mexican food and got caught up.  It was nice to have a chance to hang out with them.
Friday night we just sort of hung out and watched Northern Exposure.  Saturday involved breakfast at Central Market and exercise and a grocery shopping and whatnot.  Amy made delicious guacamole and sundried tomato dip for the UT game on Saturday night.
We went to Ryan and Jamie's house Saturday night to watch the game with Mom, Dad, Jamie, Ryan, Juan, Nicole, and Matt.  There were also a lot of dogs in attendance (Scout, Lucy, Levi, and Cassidy).  The food and the company were great for the game (thanks for the chicken, Roundball!), but the game itself was pretty awful.  Our new quarterback, Tyrone Swoopes, performed fairly admirably for a sophomore with limited playing time under his belt.  The rest of the team just kind of fell to pieces.  The offensive line was a mess.  They've had injuries and suspensions to deal with, but then again, they were pretty bad for most of last season, too, so I'm not sure that their recent difficulties tell the whole story.  Defense held it together through most of the first half, but in the second half they reverted to form, with blown tackles and blown coverage.  Felt like last year.

Still, we had a good time.  It was fun to hang out and shoot the breeze and force Ryan to be our grill slave while we watched football.

Levi and Dad face off over who gets to sit on the
sofa during the football game.  (Levi won)
On Sunday we mostly hung out around the house and took care of some chores.  I ran a couple of errands, including a trip to the mall to pick up a couple of suits that I had ordered.

This guy backed up traffic for ten minutes before realizing
that maybe his weird bike was safer on the shoulder than
rolling down a regular lane of traffic on Loop 360. 
Keep Austin Weird!
Sunday evening I had band practice with Reed, Jim, and Frank.  We had a good time.  We're working on taking a song that Frank composed on GarageBand and turning it into something that the whole band can play.  It sounds cool.
After band practice Amy made chilaquiles (woo hoo!) for dinner.  Amy did a little reading while I goofed around online, and that was it.  The end.
Pretty good weekend!

Hope everyone is doing okay.  Hang in there, Horns fans!

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