Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend

Well, our Easter weekend was pretty good.  Friday night we went out and had dinner at Elizabeth Street, a Vietnamese restaurant on South 1st Street.  The food was good, and we had the chance to sit outside at a nice place on a very pleasant spring evening.
On Saturday we ran errands and took care of some chores.  Saturday night Mono Ensemble played at a party in North Austin.  The party was a benefit for a friend of ours (Heather) whose dog needs surgery.  Hope she raised some money!
On Sunday we went to church at Central.  Afterwards we went over to my parents' house for a nice Easter brunch/dinner.  We had a nice time.  There was ham and turkey and lots of other food.  Amy made some sort of minty orzo salad along with a key lime pie and banana pudding.  Attendees included Susan, Ciara, Uncle Donald, Ryan, Jamie, Matt, Nicole, Juan, Alex, Monica, Judy, Don, Sarah, Mom, Dad, Ben, Cindy, Amy, and myself. It was an unusually large Easter gathering, but it seemed like everyone had a good time!
So that was the Easter weekend.
Hope everyone had a nice one.

Mom and Amy get dessert ready while everyone else goofs off


Jean said...

What a beautiful wife you have.

J.S. said...

Inside and out!