Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Well, things have been a little busy.
On Friday we just sort of laid low.  We got some exrecise and took Cassidy for a walk, which resulted in us hanging out with Mandy for a bit in her yard for a bit (so nice to have some neighbors who are also friends). 
Last weekend was nice.  On Saturday we got up and went grocery shopping.  We had a carpenter come and look at our house.  He's reshaping the roof in order to accomodate an oak tree which has slowly, over time, grown into the side of our house and started to lean on it.  He came out on Tuesday and "boxed out" a small section of our roof so we could keep the tree without having it slowly push apart our house.  Looks like did a really good job (thanks to Mom and Dad for being there for the roof repairs!).  Saturday afternoon I went downtown for a bike ride.  I rode from my house to work, going across the bridge on the new bike lanes on South 1st Street.  It worked pretty well (just a little over half an hour).  The ultimate plan, when we get showers in our office building during our current remodel, is to start commuting to work by bike several times a week.  I kinda painted myself into a corner on this by drumming up a petition in my office to get the showers and then sending it to the county commissioners.  Now I feel like I sorta have to lead the charge with the bike communting or I'm gonna look like a jackass.  Gonna miss that air conditioning.
(Pye Jar Party!  That's us in the back corner)
The weather was beautiful over the weekend.  So nice!  Saturday evening we went to a party that one of my coworkers was throwing called The Pye Jar Party.  My friend from work, Laura, is thinking about starting a business where she will sell liquors, mostly vodka and bourbon, that have been infused with various ingredients (like vanilla, fruit, herbs, coffee, etc.).  The Pye Jar Party was sort of a tasting event to explore some ideas associated with this proposed business.  The party, hosted at another coworker's house out in Westlake, was fun.  Nice weather, nice folks, nice view over the hills, and tasty drinks.  Now to see see how the business goes.
(somebody taking somebody for a walk in the park)
On Sunday we went and had breakfast tacos.  Then we took Cassidy over to Garrison park for a walk.  We wandered around and sat on a bench for a while and did some reading.  I've been going through The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs.  It was fun to sit in one of our local parks and read Jacobs' thoughts on how city parks should be designed and used.  Afterward we ran some errands, and I went for another bike ride.  In the evening Reed came over and we worked on some songs for our two man (so far) side project, Wastewood.  Amy made a tasty asian noodle dish with a sort of peanut sauce. 
Very nice weekend.  Amy and I are both much happier people when the sun is shining.

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