Monday, November 18, 2013

The Weekend

Hey!  I hope everyone had a good weekend!
(Dan and Danielle.  Or is it Daniel
and Danielle?)
(Greg, Allison, Brandy, Ruben,
and Jordan)
Ours went by pretty quick.  On Friday night some folks from work (especially Libby) put together a happy hour at Austin Beer Garden Brewery for Amy and I in honor of our wedding.  It was a really nice time.  We were both happy and humbled to have our friends come out to celebrate our marriage (we sort of got married in a small, private ceremony, so we didn't really expect anything like this).  A number of people from my showed up for the happy hour as well as people from both Amy's old office (at the Legislative Council) and her new office (the Environmental Protection Division at the Attorney General's Office).  We even got gifts!  Reed and Jen Shaw came out as well.  It was a fun evening.

On Saturday morning Jen came by the house with Sloane.  They dropped off a wedding gift (very nice!) and Sloane got to pet Cassidy.  After they left, I rode my bike down to Pease Park to attend a birthday party that my friend, Ray, and his wife, Lisette, were throwing for his daughter, Camilla.  It was a fun party, and I hadn't seen Ray in years.  They had fajitas and rice and beans and beer, and the kids had pizza and cake.  It was good to have a chance to catch up with Ray.

(Ray cookin' up fajitas)
After the party I rode home to watch the second half of the UT game.  The Longhorns got destroyed by Oklahoma State.  Pretty ugly.  Oh well.  Goodbye Big 12 championship.

Saturday night we went to see Gravity.  It was a visually spectacular movie.  I felt like it was aspiring to be something more than an action movie, but in the end, a really good action movie was all that I thought it really was.  As my dad pointed out when I talked to him, it doesn't seem like the space stuff was super realistic (it's probably not all that easy to just truck back and forth between space platforms using jet packs or escape vehicles and technical support crew members probably aren't cross trained to pilot numerous forms of spacecraft).  The underlying theme of the movie, the reaffirmation of life in the face of painful loss, was okay, but not exactly original.  I guess that the beautiful imagery with Earth in the background lent a little more perspective or meaning to the whole thing, but, honestly, seeing our entire planet as a central feature of many scenes sort of had the strange consequence of making me feel that the plight of a few astronauts might not be, in the grand scheme of things, such a huge deal.  Nothing like an entire world in every shot to remind you that life is going to go on in spite of whatever happens to your main characters.  People use the phrase "a 20,000 foot view" or "a 30,000 foot view" in reference to the notion of keeping an eye on the bigger picture and not getting bogged down in relative minor details or entanglements.  Well, in Gravity the viewers are constantly faced with what is, we're told, literally a 559 kilometer high view.  In a movie where the characters aren't super well developed in the first places, it become sort of easy to feel disconnected from them as you watch the spectacle unfold.  I actually was sitting there thinking, "Well, if you wanna be involved in the sort of exploratory endeavor that actually involves expanding mankind's knowledge of space travel, I guess these are the sort of risks that you have to be willing to take."
Annnyway, that was our Saturday night.  Gravity was amazing to look at.  I will definitely give it that.

On Sunday we got up and went out for breakfast.  We went to Kerbey Lane, and it was pretty good.
We ran errands and did some shopping.  I went for another bike ride.  Stopped in briefly and visited Ryan and Jamie while I was out riding.  Amy went to the gym.  We walked Cassidy and brushed her.  I talked to my dad on the phone and managed to mess up the brakes on my bike while trying to adjust them (my bike is in the shop as I write this).  For dinner, Amy made a really great pasta recipe for a dish called chicken riggie (it uses rigatoni noodles).  It was a little bit spicy and a lotta delicious.  Afteer we ate I washed dishes.  Just so you don't think I'm a total bum!

And that was our weekend.  It was nice.

Hope everyone is doing okay!  As usual, it feels like fall is going by really fast.

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