Monday, November 04, 2013

Halloween Update

Hey!  So our first week of being married had some very good times, and a few moments that fell squarely into the bummer category.  We had a lot of fun, and managed to roll through the rough patches fairly gracefully.

On Wednesday night we got a lot of rain again in South Austin.  At our house, for the second time in a month, we probably got more than 6 inches of rain within a couple of hours (when this happened three weeks ago we probably got more than 10 inches of rain in our area).  So, anyway, for the second time in three weeks we got some rain seeping into our laundry as the water piled up in our back yard.  In the effort to keep things from getting too wet or damaged, I was up for most of the night with our wet vac, cleaning up water as it accumulated and setting up fans to dry moisture out of the laundry room.
The next day we turned on the news and found out that over a dozen homes in southeast Austin had been completely destroyed.  Five people in Austin and the surrounding community have been reported dead so far as a result of the flood.  So, all in all we got off lucky, but we need to do some drainage work at our place to keep these storms from messing up our house.

(a stone faced astronaut
with a smiley martian)
Thursday was Halloween.  The rain cleared out, and the weather turned nice.  Thursday night we went over to Ryan and Jamie's house to hand out candy with them.  For some reason Ryan and Jamie's neighborhood has an especially high volume of trick-or-treaters.  It's a fun place to be on Halloween.  The neighbors over there all decorate their houses, and they sit in chairs in their front yards on Halloween night and hand out candy.  Ryan and Jamie dress up every year (Superman  and Supergirl, of course), and Amy and I made a sort of half hearted effort as well.  The kids who come by have some really fun costumes.  So we handed out candy and then hung out with Ryan and Jamie a little bit afterward.  It was nice of them to have us.  When we got home, we watched The Haunted Palace on TV.  It's an old Vincent Price movie about the spirit of a dead warlock who inhabits a castle and possesses people.  It felt satisfyingly Halloweenish.

On Friday we took it easy.  We watched West of Memphis, a documentary about three teenagers who were tried and convicted for the murder of three young boys back in 1994.  It was an interesting and disconcerting movie.  Sort of an excellent about what happens when the justice system jumps to conclusions and overlooks evidence in defiance of logic.  It's a tough movie to watch, but I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone do a better job of someone putting together a privately funded investigation.

On Saturday we ran some errands and went grocery shopping and whatnot.  Saturday afternoon I went over to Ryan and Jamie's to watch the UT-Kansas game while Amy went to the gym.  I had a fun time watching the game with them and their gang.  I really enjoy watching UT play football when they're not completely collapsing.

Saturday night we went to a birthday party for our friend Ani.  She and her husband, John, threw a party with a Mad Men theme.  We had a good time.  They made cocktails and served food, and people mostly showed up in sort of dressy attire- some of it with a 60's era theme.  It was very nice of them to have us.

(banana may or may not be telling Cruella
de Vil to "talk to the hand")
After that party we went to a Halloween/Dia de los Muertos party over at Mandy's house.  We had a good time over there!  There were drinks and food and music and dancing.  People were friendly, and in wacky costumes.   

(the lovely lady in the right of this pic
makes the lovely lady on the left even lovelier
because she does her hair!)
(apparently it's TOTALLY possible
to have a meaningful conversation about
Texas politics with a guy in a hot dog

We had a good time at Mandy's party Saturday night and wandered home and happily crawled into bed.
Sometime early Sunday morning Amy woke up not feeling very well.  She hadn't had that much to drink Saurday night, but, nonetheless, I think we both initially thought it might have somehow been from alcohol.  She quickly got much sicker than anything the alcohol alone would account for, though.  She was up for a large portion of the night, and by the late morning on Sunday it was clear that something weird was going on.
Anyway, we ultimately had to take her over to a minor emergency clinic for some anti nausea medication.  The doctor said she was sick from either food poisoning (she and I didn't eat the same stuff the day before- I had eaten at Ryan's when I went to the football game) or some kind of stomach bug. I felt really bad for her.  She was doing better by that evening, though, for the most part (although feeling pretty worn out). 

(I was sleep deprived and sort of out of it
when I walked past this dog wearing sunglasses
outside the pharmacy.  He had the windows down
and was listening to the Spice Girls)

So that was the week and our weekend.  A few ups and downs.  Sunday evening was very quiet.  I watched Walking Dead while Amy did some reading and ate chicken soup.
Hope everyone else had a good weekend!
Now let's hope we get some more rain, but that it doesn't flood again in South Austin.

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