Friday, March 29, 2013

More Thoughts on Biking

So just go ahead and skip this if you find my ramblings about biking annoying.  Seriously. 

I finished my first 1,000 miles on my birthday weekend.  I want to find ways to incorporate my bike into my daily life.  I try to substitute it for my car when I can.  I try not to think of my bike in terms of exercise.  I try to take it on short trips and incoporate it into my life instead of seeing it as an exercise machine.

But it's good for exercise, too.

I bought a backpack that folds up into a little pouch.  I clip it onto my bike.  That way I can stop and get stuff, but I don't have to remember to be prepared when I leave the house, and I don't have to wear my backpack unless I'm actually using it to carry stuff.

I try not to worry too much about the skinny hippies who climb hills faster than me on their fixed gear bikes.  They're a lot smaller than me, and they're not having to work as hard.  Also, I kill them on the downhill.
Just get up those slopes, man.  Up those slopes.

There are a lot of different kinds of bikers out there.  The weekend warriors in their racing gear.  They make sense out on open roads, but a lot less so in the city.  Also a lot of cool kids in jeans and street clothes on their fixed gear bikes.  They want to act like their bikes are mopeds or cars.  That's pretty cool, but it really works the best over short distances and flat terrain.  If you're travelling a ways you're going to end up sweaty and worn out on a fixie in jeans.  I don't think most of them are going too far because whenever they hit a hill they have to stand up on their pedals in order to climb.  You can't get up and down too many hills that way before your legs are gonna be worn out.  Maybe they're just in awesome shape.  But most of them don't look like it. 
It's funny- I think they ride fixies because they want to make it look like they've casually incoporated bikes into their everyday lifestyle, but to me it always looks a little the opposite.  If they were really looking to have a practical bike in Austin, TX, (which isn't San Francisco, but does have some hills) they'd be riding with gears.

What else?
I might get fenders.  I don't find myself having tons of problems with water and mud, but I've had an incident here and there.  Plus, I think they look pretty cool.  On the other hand, I'm not sure hwo they'd work on my matte black mountain bike.  Maybe I just need a second bike.  I might start looking for a second one at some point.  Just for fun.  I now know that I'm pretty much just an  urban cyclist, so I'm not sure I need to be riding a mountain bike.  But it works.  And it's been good to me.

I'm still hoping they fix the bike lanes on South Lamar to make it a little safer for bikes.  That would be nice.

I passed around a petition at work to try to see if they would include showers in the remodel of our office building.  Lots of people signed it.  Some want showers for biking to work and others for exercise at lunch.  We'll see if it works out, but I've been trying.  They've been discussing the employee support for showers in commissioner's court, apparently (they appropriate our money).  We'll see.  I'd like to ride to work.

That's it.  Not a lot, but I just wanted to jot down some thoughts since I finished that first thousand miles.

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