Monday, March 25, 2013

The Weekend

It was a good weekend, but it went by fast. 
Amy's mother, Jean, and her grandfather, Jerry, are in town for a visit.  They got here late on Friday night, so we've been enjoying some time with them.
Friday night Amy and I just sort of hung out, mostly.  We got a few odds and ends, grocery-wise, and dropped them off at the VRBO apartment where Jean and Jerry are staying.  We watched an episode of Homeland.  That was about it for Friday night, I think.
On Saturday Amy went for a walk/jog/hike with her mom down at the hike and bike trail.  I met them for breakfast at Torchy's, and then I went to the grocery store.  In the afternoon I went for a longish bike ride while Amy took Jean and Jerry to one of the local parks.  The weather was really nice.
Saturday night Amy and I picked up Jean and Jerry and took them to Habanero, where we met my parents for dinner.  The food is pretty good over there, and Habanero is definitely the real deal when it comes to longstanding South Austin neighborhood restaurants.  After dinner we went over to the Saxon Pub to see W.C. Clark.  W.C. Clark has been playing blues in Austin and the surrounding area for a long, long time.  When I was in college in San Antonio I used to work at a place called Billy Blues (they might still have a restaurant in Houston), and I first heard Mr. Clark way back then. 
(this is what I want my retirement plan to look like)
Anyway, he's still doing his thing many years later (I think he's in his 70's now), he still sounds really good, and he seems to be having a great time performing.  He's got a really good voice and a solid band.  The crowd at the Saxon were up and dancing by the latter half of his set.  When you live in a town like Austin, with talented musicians playing all over town on most nights of the week, it's easy to take longstanding fixtures like W.C. Clark for granted.  I would urge you not to make that mistake.  Go see this man.  He's one of the musicians who has helped to make Austin what it is.
So we all had a really fun time Saturday night.
On Sunday we got up and Amy made us some tasty eggs for breakfast.  Then she went running with her mom while I went for another bike ride.  I was trying to get a bit of a different workout on my bike, so I intentionally sought out some small but fairly steep hills.  My legs are still a little sore today.
Sunday afternoon I went out to Wimberly with Jean and Jerry and Amy.  I'm not sure I had ever been out there before to just wander around and look in the shops.  The weather was really nice, and it was a fun afternoon.  There are some interesting shops in Wimberly.
Sunday night I had band practice.  Reed, Frank, Jim, and I got together and banged out some songs.  I think we sounded pretty good.  Reed hung out for a little while after practice.
After that Amy came home, I ate dinner (she ate with her family earlier), and that was pretty much it.  I watched an episode of Walking Dead and crawled into bed. 
It was a nice weekend.  Went by too fast.
Have a good week!


Jean said...

Thanks for hosting us this weekend -- we love Austin and time spent with team Steans.

J.S. said...

Glad you had a good time! We had a good weekend, too!