Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Well, it's been a pretty busy week, so this update is a little late.  Hope you'll bear with me.
The weekend was okay.
Friday night I had a happy hour with the people from work at Opa on South Lamar.  It's relatively close to my house, and I'm not sure why I never tried it out sooner.
It's a nice place- coffeehouse and a decent beer and wine selection.  My only real complaint was that most of the beers were bottled, with only two on tap, but that's a kind of petty complaint.  It's a nice place with a small courtyard out front with some nice outdoor seating.
It was cool to get together and spend some time with work friends in a non work setting.
Later on Friday night Reed came by and we watched a video of a Who concert from 1975 that was filmed at the Summit in Houston.  Cool stuff.  Keith Moon is almost a cliche now in terms of being famous for his frenetic, powerful drumming, but watching that man play live is just a sight to behold.  Maybe it's just because I work the mental health docket now, but I'd swear that you can almost see some kind of clinical mania going on in that guy.  Lots of people will probably quickly point out that he was using lots of drugs, but lots of rock stars have performed while on drugs over the years, and very few of them vibrated at the almost superhuman frequency that you see in Keith Moon.  To even develop his drumming style- a series of hard hitting, endless drum fills that are exhausting even to watch- a person would have to possess a level of energy that would inspire them to not only want to keep the beat, but attack the drumset on almost every song.  Drugs might make a person have a night here and there when they really played with more energy than usual, but Keith Moon's powerful, fast, controlled drumming was just the way that he played time after time.
I've watched a lot of bands over the years, and Keith Moon is still something really unique.

Anyway, Saturday I ran errands and went for a pretty long bike ride.  Saturday night I watched Cabin in the Woods.  Cabin in the Woods came out a while back, so most people who would be interested in that sort of flick have probably already seen it.  If you like horror movies, though, and you haven't seen it, I recommend it.  It's not completely flawless, but it manages to be funny and scary and, as reported, it does a good job of stepping outside of the usual horror movie tropes while still incorporating the things that make people like horror movies in the first place.  It's got some mystery to it (admirably, the movie doesn't really overexplain itself), and it's a fun ride.  I've heard some people say that it's not really a horror movie, and I sort of have to disagree a bit.  If you're averse to violence and scariness in your movies, you probably still want to steer clear of it.  If you like being scared a bit, though, check it out.

Sunday was Easter.  I went to church with my family, and afterwards we had a nice dinner at my parents' house.  They did a really nice job of entertaining.  Dad was on the tail end of a cold, so he gets bonus points for making it through the whole thing.  It was a fairly traditional Easter for the Steans family.  Nice to spend time with everyone.

And that was pretty much the weeknd!  Hope everyone is doing okay!

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