Monday, February 11, 2013


Howdy!  Hope everyone is doing okay out there!  Our winter has been pretty mild here in Austin, but I'm still excited about the fact that spring is right around the corner.  I hope they're just about done with the repair work that they've been doing this winter at Barton Springs.  I hear it calling!!

Well, it's been a busy week and a pretty busy weekend.
This past Thursday was Amy's birthday.  Amy's been working pretty hard lately because of the legislative session, so I really wanted her to have a nice birthday.  We went to Uchiko on Friday night and had a really nice time.  In the past I've been a little wary of sushi, but it turns out that the idea of eating raw fish is a lot scarier (and sounds a lot less tasty) than it actually is.  Plus, Uchiko has lots of cooked food, both seafood and poultry and beef, in addition to the raw fish.  I genuinely enjoyed everything that we tried on Thursday night.
Amy's probably better than I am about remembering the particulars of meals, but I know that we had sushi rolls with tuna and avocado, a really food brussel sprout dish, and an interesting and tasty sweet sorn sorbet dessert.  Also a chicken dish, I think (and a drink or two, which may be clouding my memory just a tad in terms of what we ate).
It was all very good.  Like Uchi, it's a really entertaining place (as well as being very tasty, of course) because you order a number of different things in smaller portions, so the process of picking and choosing is really fun.
At any rate, we had a very nice but relaxed dinner.  I think Amy ended up having a nice birthday.

During the day on Friday I rode my bike to work.  Normally it's pretty hard to do this because I have to wear a suit once I get to the office, and we don't have a shower in our building.  Friday was Travis County's "Work from Home Day" (supporting green energy), and I wasn't sceduled fopr court, so I asked my director if I could come in to the office but wear shorts.  He was cool with it (he's also a cyclist), so I rode my bike to work.  It took about 35 minutes to get to the office and and it was just under 7 miles.  The ride home involves more uphill riding and took me a little over 40 mintues.  The experience was good, though.  It turned my commute into my workout for the day.  I got home and I didn't really need to exercise (a 14 mile ride is just fine), and I had saved time because during rush hour it takes me about half an hour to drive back and forth, anyway (and a little longer on the bus). 
Friday night Amy worked a little late.  I can't remember exactly what we did, but I'm pretty sure we took it easy.   
On Saturday I ran to the grocery store while Amy worked at home.  I did a little work on adjusting some things on my bike.  Did a little laundry. 
(with this machine, Amy could
detect whether other people
thought her glasses were cool)
Later I went with Amy while she went and picked out some new prescription sunglasses.  They look pretty cool.  She doesn't have them yet, but rest assured that she will be looking great and squinting less this summer.

Saturday night we drove up to Southwestern University in Georgetown to see the Austin Civic Orchestra perform.  My friend and coworker, Laura, plays clarinet in the orchestra, so she's been telling me about it and encouraging me to go for a while.  They played Mahler's 1st Symphony, which I thought was a sort of unusual piece, and they sounded good.  Amy enjoyed it as well.  Afterward we ate some frozen yogurt.  In February.  Because we're Texans and that's how we roll. 
It was a fun evening.
On Sunday we got up and went to Juan in a Million for breakfast.  Then Amy went in to work at the office during the afternoon.  I went for a bike ride.  I rode down Congress and across the bridge and up past the capitol where I popped in for a moment to say hi to Amy at work.  It was sort of cloudy and cool and a nice day for a ride.

(some sort of egret-ish bird on Town Lake)
(Sunday afternoon break)
After stopping off at Amy's office I rode down to West 6th Street.  I stopped by this place called The Beer Exchange that I've been wanting to try out.  They sell craft beers of many different types, and they run specials, theoretically based upon how well the beers are selling (with beers that are purchased less selling for less- most places might just call this a special or a sale...).  Anyway, it was an interesting place.  They had a porch, so I sat outside and checked email and news on my phone and drank a couple of beers (a milk stout by Left Hand Brewing and a tasty and interesting new 512 Cascabel Cream Stout that's smooth but has a bit of spice to it). 
During this period of time, our evening band practice got cancelled, but Ryan invited Amy and I over to a cookout at their place.  Amy was still working, but I decided to head back down south.
I rode my bike over to the bus stop, threw my bike on the bus, and rode it down to Ryan and Jamie's house.
They were having people over, so I got to visit for a little while with Matt, Nicole, Julia, and Juan in addition to Ryan and Jamie.  I learned that scuba diving in a dry suit is an intimidating prospect and that the new My Bloody Valentine album is somewhat controversial (at least within focus groups appearing in South Austin on a Sunday afternoon).  I pedaled my bike back home after a while.  I took a shower, and then Cassidy and I watched Parks and Rec for a while with Amy while she exercised on the elliptical machine.
Amy had made some sort of chipotle chicken sloppy joe dish in the crockpot, which was really good (Amy was afraid I wouldn't like it because it was a little sweet, but I DID like it because it had smoky chipotle goodness in it), and we ate it for dinner with some salad.  Then we were tired.  I watched a little TV and she did some reading.
It was a nice weekend!
I hope everyone else had a nice weekend.



The League said...

Pfft. Nicole didn't like it because she doesn't like My Bloody Valentine. Her argument is invalid.

J.S. said...

Perhaps.... Or do you love them too much?

The League said...

Well, the notices for the album have been pretty good, I think. I honestly was expecting for the reviewers to jump on it and whine that "this was what he was doing for 20 years? Man.". But, people seem pretty good with it.