Monday, February 04, 2013

Update; Giant Squid

Well, the weekend went by pretty fast.  Amy worked for a while on Friday night.  While she was still at work I rode the bus home and went for a bike ride.  She came home and ate Indian food.  Afterward we watched a Discovery Channel special about the giant squid (I believe it was called Monster Squid:  The Giant Is Real).  I'm not exactly an expert on giant squid or anything, but I've been watching various documentaries for years in which scientists and videographers tried (and failed) to capture video footage of the giant squid in its natural habitat.  At most, they previously brought back a couple of blurry still shots.  There's something about the alien nature of the giant squid- its appearance, its deep ocean habitat, and its elusiveness- that I just find intriguing.  I was telling Amy about how long these scientists have been trying to observe the giant squid in the wild (some of them have been at this for many decades and never seen a living example of the species), and I think she got hooked.  Also, Amy will readily tell you that she finds the ocean large, weird, and sort of intimidating, so I think the giant squid sort of confirmed some of her deepest suspicions in terms of the sorts of things that she always suspected might be lurking out there.  On the other hand, I think she finds the whole idea of this animal pretty fascinating, too.  It's just strange to think that we share the planet with something that's so utterly different than us.
Anyway, we enjoyed the giant squid special.  It was really cool to see these scientists, some with ages ranging from their fifties into their seventies, finally get a look at video footage of a creature that they've been studying for a very long time.  It was literally one of the crowning experiences of a lifetime for some of these folks.
(the guy on this video describes the film crew as Japanese.  Turns out it was a crew of Americans and Japanese.  Actually a very expensive, international team effort)

On Saturday I got up and went for a bike ride while Amy worked.
Slightly later Saturday we attended a memorial service for Jamie's mom, Judy McBride, who passed away in the early morning hours of New Year's Day.  It was a very nice service at the Price Seniors Center (a very cool old building that used to be a church) in downtown San Marcos.  Jamie's family, family friends, and members of her parents' naturalist group were in attendance.  It was a nice event.  Jamie's dad, Dick, spoke, as well as Jamie's aunt and one of her mother's cousins.  There was also a slide show of family photos and some food.  I thought that it was a really nice way to remember Judy.  She was a very nice, intelligent, kind person.  I feel truly fortunate to have known her.
The rest of Saturday was filled with a trip to the grocery store and Amy's chilaquiles (one of my favorites!) for dinner.  We were both tired, and went to bed early that night.
On Sunday we got up and went out for breakfast.  Amy went in to the office after that, and I went for a bike ride.  I rode over to the Shaw house, and popped in for a quick visit.  Sloane and Meredith are growing like weeds (really smart, high energy weeds).  It was a fun visit.
I pedaled home and then took care of a few errands.
In the evening I went over to a Super Bowl party at my friend Mark's house.  Amy worked late and then went to the gym when she got home.  I don't really care about pro football all that much, but it was a fun party.  I skipped out on the second half of the game so Amy and I could grab some dinner.
After dinner Amy Skyped with her family while I played LA Noire, and then we went to bed.
A good weekend, but very busy and over very fast.
I hope everyone is having a good week!

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